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GPS Track Details
Track length: 6.40 km
Total ascent: 11 m
Total descent: 11 m
Difficulty Level: 2/5 - Easy
Overall rating: 5 (613 vote(s))

Alternatively, you can use the bridleway that connects the shops and the community centre. A route entering from the right should be taken to the left. The trail becomes a road at this point, so stay on that road until you reach the "Arthur Evans Close" sign on your right. Make a right into the Lashford Lane pedestrian path. Cross the road (Lashford Lane) and go down the asphalt lane known as "The Field" when you reach it. Turn left onto a sidewalk behind Dry Sandford School after passing the school.
When you come to a road, take a right. Continue on the road beyond Dry Sandford village until you reach Cothill Road. Continue on the road until you reach Cothill Road. The Dry Sandford Pit Nature Reserve will be on your left after 100 metres if you turn right after 100 metres.
Dry Sandford Pit should be left by the main entrance. Continue on the left until you reach Cothill village. When you get to a bar on your left, take a right onto the opposite sidewalk and continue walking. Traveling beside Cothill House School's playing fields for 300 yards, you will come upon the entrance of the Parsonage Moor Nature Reserve on your right.
Leaving Parsonage Moor, turn left and retrace your steps for 50 yards, with the playing field on your right. Continue along the walk until you reach a stream, at which point you should pick the route that runs along the left side of a fence. You'll be coming out of the trees and onto a reedy area. Continuing into another wood after crossing across the reeds is recommended (the ground becomes very uneven here). At the end of the log trail, take the left fork and follow it to a stile.
Follow the path down the hill, crossing over the stile, and keeping the conifer forest on your right at all times. You can go to the edge of a field by passing through a hole in the fence. Continue straight ahead onto the track that runs down the edge of the field on your left.
Just before you reach a small group of trees to the right of the track, take a sharp right off the beaten route and onto a pathway across a field (at the point where a path comes in from the left). Continue straight into the field, past the end of a row of trees, until you reach the end of the road. To go inside the woods, you'll need to cross a stile.
After crossing a brook, you'll enter grassland through another set of stiles. Continue on the route until you come to a gate. Once you've passed past the gate, continue walking until you reach the end of a driveway that leads to Church Lane. Take the first left after passing through Dry Sandford.
As the road swings to the right, around the back of the school, use the walkway on the left to avoid getting lost.
Left into tarmac lane, then right onto a footpath will take you there. Take the walkway that goes between the houses to get there. Continuing in the same route, cross a stile and continue into the meadow To get to Lashford Lane, you'll need to cross a stile. Lashford Lane Fen Nature Reserve is around 150 yards down the road on the left. After leaving Lashford Lane Fen, take a right. Returning to Wootton Stores is as simple as turning right onto Besselsleigh Road.

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