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GPS Track Details
Track length: 1.04 km
Moving time: 11
Average speed: 5.64 km/h
Total ascent: 16 m
Total descent: 72 m
Difficulty Level: 3/5 - Medium
Overall rating: 6 (40 vote(s))

At foot of the Black Cuillins near Glenbrittle are the Fairy Pools, beautifully crystal clear blue pools on the River Brittle.

 This short walk to the pools follows a gravel path that is in good condition most of the way, but on a wet day it can be muddy in places, especially involving river crossings over stepping stones, from the car park cross the public road to find the start of the path, there is a small green sign confirming the start, labelled ‘Sligaghan’.

As the path leaves the road it is steep and rough, follow the route over a gravel path, dropping gently downhill, after about 50 meters from the road the path splits, take the right hand, follow the route to reach the first river crossing where there are large stepping stone to cross, this crossing is typical of the other crossing ahead.
Once across follow the gravel path, the path is now level and crosses a peat moor with Heather and Grasses, ahead you will see impressive large rock boulder that seem almost random location, but was left as the ice melted are the end of the last ‘ice age’.

The path gently raises and meets up with the main River Brittle, as you follow this route the river will remain on your right hand side as the walk continues, as you continue on, you now reach the second river crossing and again there are large stepping stone, depending on the weather the river can become swollen on a wet day making the crossing difficult, after the river the path rises up with some rough rock natural steps.
The first Waterfall of the magical Fairy Pools will now come in to view, follow the gravel path on until you become adjacent to the fall, this is the first waterfall, the highest and deepest pool. Follow the main path up beside the river to find more pools.
Famous and beautifully clear blue pool ideal for swimming, depending on the time of year and the weather conditions, the pool features a natural arch, offering an exhilarating under water swim though the arch, if you have a wet suite to hand, there many small pools as you work your way up the river.

The return; use the same path back, from the first waterfall it takes about 20 minutes to get back to the car park.

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