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Scotland's Isle of Skye is home to the little village of Elgol. It is well-known for having beautiful vistas and is a well-liked vacation spot for hikers. In the vicinity of Elgol, there are many hikes and walks that provide breath-taking views of the sea, cliffs, and adjacent islands. Listed below are a few noteworthy hikes in the Elgol area:

  • Elgol Latitude: 57.149276 Longitude: -6.098889 
  • Elgol Postcode IV49
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Exploring Elgol

One of the most well-known hikes in the region leads to Loch Coruisk, a stunning lake encircled by the spectacular Cuillin Mountains. From Elgol, you can take a boat to Loch Coruisk, where you can then proceed on foot exploration.

Spar Cave is a sizable sea cave famous for its spectacular geological structures, and this walk from Elgol to Spar Cave takes you there by following the shoreline. The walk provides amazing sea cliff views and the opportunity to explore the cave.

Elgol to Camasunary: From Elgol, do this coastal walk to reach the secluded bay of Camasunary. You'll pass by lovely sandy beaches, sea cliffs, and enjoy expansive views of the surrounding mountains along the journey.

Bla Bheinn (Blaven): Bla Bheinn is a well-liked choice for those looking for a more difficult walk. The Isle of Skye and the other islands are visible from a distance during this mountain walk. A decent level of fitness and prior hiking expertise are necessary for the ascent, which can be difficult.

The Loch Slapin Circuit is a circular path that around Loch Slapin and provides breathtaking views of the loch and its surroundings. People with varying degrees of fitness can enjoy the reasonably easy walk.

Always be prepared with the right hiking equipment, enough water, and food before starting any hike, and always check the weather forecast. Additionally, be sure to abide by any rules or restrictions that may apply locally about hiking in the region.

Please note: Please check prior to your activity that starting point has public parking areas or can be accessed using public transport.

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