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The Scottish Highlands' Invergarry is a small community renowned for both its beautiful natural beauty and important historical sites. While the hamlet itself does not have many notable tourist attractions, the neighbourhood does have a number of interesting sites. Here are a few places to visit close to Invergarry that you might like:

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  • Invergarry Postcode PH35
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Invergarry Castle is a historic location that is still worth visiting, despite the fact that it is currently in ruins. The castle, which is situated on Loch Oich's shoreline and dates to the 17th century, was a key player in the Jacobite uprisings.

The Caledonian Canal includes the lovely freshwater loch Loch Oich, which is renowned for its serenity and picturesque surroundings. You may go fishing, take a boat ride on the loch, or take leisurely walks along the shore.

Fort Augustus: A lovely settlement at the southern end of Loch Ness, Fort Augustus is only a few miles from Invergarry. 
The Scottish Highlands' Invergarry is a stunning region with lots of trekking options. There are numerous hikes in and around Invergarry that provide unforgettable experiences amid the breathtaking scenery, untamed mountains, and lovely lochs. A few prominent hikes in the area are listed below:

This circuit walk around Loch Oich, a picturesque freshwater loch situated halfway between Loch Ness and Loch Lochy. The hike provides breathtaking views of the nearby mountains and forests. All ability levels can complete the about 7-mile walk, which is somewhat easy.

Great Glen Way: From Fort William to Inverness, the Great Glen Way is a 79-mile long long-distance trail. You don't have to hike the entire trail; you can pick a part based on your tastes and the amount of time you have. The stretch close to Invergarry passes through forests and along the Caledonian Canal while providing stunning views of Loch Lochy.

Meall na h-Airigh: You can reach the peak of this hill, which gives sweeping views of the region, including Loch Garry, by taking this easy walk. There are some steep sections along the about 5-mile-long track. It's a worthwhile walk that displays the Highlands' unspoiled splendour.

For more seasoned hikers, the Corrieyairack Pass presents a difficult but worthwhile trip. Through lonely and untamed terrain, this historic journey leads you along an old military road. With its about 15-mile length and steep ascents and descents, the walk requires careful planning and navigational skills.

The Loch Garry Circular Trail offers wonderful views of the loch and the mountains in the area. The six-mile walk is appropriate for most skill levels and is about in length. Along the route, you can view wildlife and take in the peace and quiet of the surroundings.

It's crucial to be ready and take the required precautions when trekking in Invergarry or any other location. Check the weather forecast, dress appropriately, bring a map and compass (or use a GPS), and let someone know you're going trekking. Respect your surroundings, stay on the walkways, and don't leave any trash behind.

Please be aware that trail accessibility and conditions can change, so it's best to check with local authorities or visitor centres for the most recent information before beginning your trip.

Please note: Please check prior to your activity that starting point has public parking areas or can be accessed using public transport.

DISCLAIMER: The information given on the stay4you has been provided in good faith, it is intended only as a general guide. We advise you to verify the accuracy of information before relying on it. It is the responsibility of individuals to approach outdoor activities such as walking with caution. Walking can be strenuous and individuals should ensure that they are fit enough before embarking upon it. If in doubt consult a doctor.

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