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Dores, located in Inverness-Shire, is a great holiday place any time of year if you like to spend time outside indulging in a variety of activities. Dores, Inverness-Shire, has become a more well-known tourist destination as a result.

Take a a lovely stroll through some of Loch Ness's most famous vistas.
The walk begins at the Dores Inn parking lot and continues along Dores beach, offering spectacular views of Loch Ness. Leaving the beach behind, climb up onto the path, and continue along it until you reach Tor Point. The trail makes a sharp right turn and heads down alongside Loch Ness and Aldourie Castle. The trail then does a U-turn and heads back towards Dores, eventually ending up behind the beach where it started.

Located 10 km southwest of Inverness, Dores is a small Highland settlement on Loch Ness's southern shore. There's a beautiful beach, a country inn, a community centre, and a church all in close proximity.

The settlement in Loch Ness is ancient, having been established in the 1st century. The name means "dark woods" in Gaelic, which is where it got its origin. Come for the beautiful scenery, the breath-taking vistas of the loch, and maybe even a Nessie sighting!

Outdoor pursuits are well-liked not only by tourists but also by locals, who value the chance to take in the region's diverse and picturesque landscapes. Because there are so many different paths across the mountains, hikers can tailor their experience to the amount of difficulty they're comfortable with. The hiker's experience, skill, and stamina are all important factors to think about.

  • Dores Latitude: 57.375306 Longitude: -4.335141 
  • Dores Postcode IV2
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