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On Scotland's east coast, in the Highland council district, is the village of Helmsdale. It is renowned for its beautiful scenery and outdoor pursuits, such as walking and hiking routes. Here are some of the well-traveled paths and trails in and around Helmsdale that tourists frequently explore.

  • Helmsdale Latitude: 58.117261 Longitude: -3.653533
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The Helmsdale River Walk is a beautiful walking path that circles the village while the Helmsdale River meanders through it. It provides beautiful views of the river and the surrounding area.

The Malt Whisky Trail is a well-known tourist route in the Speyside region, which is close to Helmsdale but not exactly in Helmsdale. The path passes by a number of well-known whisky distilleries, providing an opportunity to learn about the production of whisky and sample some of Scotland's best single malts.

The Badbea Clearance Village Walk leads you through the historic ruins of Badbea Clearance Village, which are not far from Helmsdale. You may learn about the Highland Clearances and take in the wonderful seaside vistas.

Walk through the stunning Strath of Kildonan, which is well-known for its historical significance in connection with the 19th-century gold rush, on this stroll. The trail provides a view of the past and the natural beauty of the area.

Camore Wood Walk: This walk takes you through Camore Wood, a delightful wooded area with a diversity of flora and fauna, which is located close to Helmsdale.

Ben Griam Beg and Mor are adjacent hills that provide great panoramic views of the surroundings and a more difficult walk for those wanting them.

It's important to remember that trail accessibility and conditions can change over time. For the most recent information and any new tracks or routes that may have been established since my last update, I advise contacting your local tourist information office or outdoor enthusiast group. Always make sure you are fully equipped for any outdoor activity, and when exploring the region, always follow safety precautions.

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