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Scotland's Aberdeenshire is home to the picturesque coastal community of Gardenstown. It is a wonderful location for strolling and exploring the outdoors because it has stunning coastal views and is surrounded by lovely farmland. You may enjoy a number of walking routes in and near Gardenstown.

  • Gardenstown Latitude 57.6722° N Longitude -2.3372° W
  • Gardenstown Postcode AB45
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Gardenstown Circular stroll: This easy circular stroll will take you around the community and provide lovely coastal views. You can begin at the village harbour and proceed in a clockwise direction by following the signage. You travel through the village, along the cliffs, and then return to the harbour on this path.

Crovie Coastal Walk: A walk along the coast between Crovie and Gardenstown is strongly advised. Crovie is a nearby settlement to Gardenstown. Starting in Gardenstown, you may go to Crovie along the coast while taking in breath-blowing vistas of the North Sea. Please be aware that the path can occasionally be steep and uneven, therefore strong footwear is recommended.

Gamrie Bay and Troup Head: You can explore the neighbourhood around Gamrie Bay and Troup Head if you're up for a longer stroll. Start in Gardenstown, then travel along the coast to Gamrie Bay. From there, you can travel further along the coast to Troup Head, which has a lighthouse and a sizable seabird colony. The stroll offers opportunity for birdwatching and breathtaking coastline views.

Pennan and the Pennan Inn Walk: A few miles west of Gardenstown is Pennan, another charming village. You can leave your car at Gardenstown and travel to Pennan by sea by taking the coastal path. Once there, you can stroll around the community, see the well-known red phone box made popular by the film "Local Hero," and have a meal or beverage at the Pennan Inn before leaving.

If you intend to go along coastal walks, especially, wear proper clothing and footwear. Before beginning your trek, it's a good idea to check the tidal levels and the weather forecast. Have fun walking through Gardenstown and the neighbouring areas!

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