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Unleash Your Shetland Adventure with Tracks and Routes! GPS Activity Map

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#Activities For Everyone

Are you looking for an unforgettable adventure? Shetland Islands have something special in store for all nature lovers. For a unique getaway that will leave lasting memories, consider visiting the rugged and stunning landscape of these Scottish Isles! 

From paddleboarding to horse riding, there are plenty of things to do on the archipelago - while kayaking is one way to explore them at your own pace. The islands also offer beautiful wild walks along cliff paths with breathtaking views over rolling landscapes dotted by heather-covered hillsides; surefire ways to ensure some spectacular photos! There's no shortage of activities suitable for any age or interest group – so why not bring your family or friends here next time round? And as night draws close each day, prepare yourself for incredibly starry skies thanks to minimal light pollution here - be it a romantic stroll under twinkling stars or simply admiring their beauty from far away. 
For those seeking even more excitement during their stay in Shetland Island, try out new watersport’s such as windsurfing and sailing regattas which take place throughout summer months across many partsof the Northern Isles region – truly magical times indeed! So if you're up for a thrilling holiday experience packed with fresh air and amazing sightseeing opportunities then come down now before spots fill up quickly this season.

  • Shetland Geolocation Latitude 60.155582° N Longitude -1.1500366° E
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  • Lerwick, has been the capital of Shetland since taking over from Scalloway in 1708.
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Shetland offers a wealth of adventure tracks and trails that cater to various interests and fitness levels. Here are some fantastic options for adventure tracks on the islands:

  1. Eshaness Coastal Walk: This trail showcases the dramatic coastline of Eshaness, taking you past stunning cliffs, sea stacks, and natural arches. The views of the North Atlantic are breathtaking.

  2. Fitful Head: A hike to Fitful Head rewards you with panoramic views of the southern tip of Shetland, offering vistas of cliffs, seabird colonies, and the vast ocean.

  3. Levenwick to Bigton Coastal Walk: An easy coastal walk that takes you along beautiful beaches, past small crofts, and offers a chance to spot seals and seabirds.

  4. Scalloway to Burraland: This track leads you through scenic landscapes, passing Loch Spiggie and offering views of Scalloway Castle, before reaching the peaceful area of Burraland.

  5. Fethaland Peninsula: A remote and wild landscape awaits those who venture to Fethaland. The walk explores a historic fishing station and offers incredible views across the sea.

  6. Ronas Hill: Shetland's highest peak, Ronas Hill, provides a challenging hike with rewarding views of the surrounding islands and coastline. On clear days, the views are absolutely stunning.

  7. Shetland's Nature Reserves: Many reserves, like Hermaness on Unst or Noss National Nature Reserve, offer marked trails through diverse habitats, allowing for birdwatching and enjoying the natural beauty of the islands.

  8. The Peat Roads: Some paths wind through peat-cutting areas, revealing Shetland's historic reliance on peat as a fuel source. These trails often offer insights into traditional practices and showcase the beauty of the moorland.

Remember, while exploring these adventure tracks, it's important to respect the environment, follow guidelines, and be prepared for changing weather conditions. Some trails may require sturdy footwear, and it's always wise to check local information centers or websites for any specific advice or updates before setting out on your adventure.

Shetland Routes & Tracks

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#Activities For Everyone

  • Shetland Geolocation Latitude 60.155582° N Longitude -1.1500366° E

Because it is a well-known destination for engaging in a variety of outdoor sports, the island Shetland, which is located in the Shetland Islands, is frequented throughout the entirety of the year by people who take pleasure in spending time outside and engaging in a wide range of outdoor pursuits. Hiking is something that a lot of people, both tourists and locals, like doing since it allows them to take in the breathtaking scenery that is spread out along the trail in a number of different spots. Hikers have the option of working their way either up or down the mountain trails as they make their way through the mountains. This choice is dependent on the hiker's abilities, levels of endurance, and degrees of competence, respectively.

Results 1 - 14 of 14
# Title Category Difficulty Level User Hits Rating Track length
1 Gleneagles Castle Ruin to Tullibardine Distillery walk 2/52/5 admin  8,140 6 4.89 km
2 Affric Top Carpark to Allt Garbh Short Walk 3/53/53/5 admin  8,417 5 1.99 km
3 Autumn walk from Affric top carpark 3/53/53/5 admin  1,561 5 2.00 km
5 Boat of Garten Station to Aviemore Station 3/53/53/5 admin  733 6 11.66 km
6 BURGHEAD WALK TO CULLEN MORAY COAST WALK GPX 3/53/53/5 admin  1,001 5 52.54 km
7 CANNICH HIGHLANDS OF SCOTLAND WALK 3/53/53/5 admin  946 5 17.75 km
9 INVERNESS TO DRUMNADROCHIT RAMBLING GPX 3/53/53/5 admin  3,505 6 24.62 km
10 Plodder Falls Track 3/53/53/5 admin  591 6 5.27 km
11 POOLEWE COASTAL WALK 3/53/53/5 admin  473 5 2.49 km
12 Randolph's Leap walk 3/53/53/5 admin  601 5 1.97 km
13 The trails at Craigmoni 3/53/53/5 admin  3,627 6 4.20 km
14 Uig Forest Walk 3/53/53/5 admin  506 6 1.58 km

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