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Whitecraig Latitude: 55.919356 Longitude: -3.042009

Head in a north-east direction along the A6094 from Whitecraig and look out for the cycle track going off on the right along an old railway route towards Dalkeith on a good surface. Reaching a road which gives access to newly-built schools, look for a narrow path heading up a bank on the right into some low trees. This comes out on a back road but will join another main road, follow the main drag through the town keep going the main street straight ahead through a couple of sets of lights and yet another set of lights at a crossroads.

On your left coming up soon should be an open park area. As you draw level turn right to cross what was a rail bridge but which has been back filled you will see a water tower just ahead but you turn immediately left on the cycle route (NCR1) alongside a stone wall, turn left turn and cross the viaduct over the Esk with impressive views. Backtrack a little and take the right fork passing through a short tunnel you'll come to what was Eskbank Station, just past an industrial estate the track takes a sharp right this leads to a footbridge over the A7 heading gently upwards the route passes through Bonnyrigg and Rosewell and reaches a high point before the gradient eases and starts to drop down Roslin Glen.

The River North Esk is down to your right is Rollin Castle and Rosslyn Chape to the right in some trees. Shortly after passing through the tunnel at Auchendinny cross the main road heading north-west and then west to meet the main A702. Turn right and you can use the footpath for half a kilometre to the Flotterstone Inn, not quite the halfway point, Located on the outskirts of Edinburgh on the A702 Biggar Road, The Flotterstone Inn provides traditional Scottish hospitality and is the ideal place to relax and unwind.

The route up Glencoise is popular with walkers and cyclists alike and can get quite busy at times it is a tarred road follow the road until it takes a sharp left turn along the reservoir at this point leave the road and take the track leading north west, up the hill You might need to push for a while but it's possible to cycle most of this track right up to the col. Go through a gate and take the path to the right signed for Currie, at Middle Kinleith Farm there's a signed path going off to the left this is the route down Poet's Glen, once you reach the road turn right for a hundred metres or so before taking a path down some wooden steps at a bend in the road.


This path soon joins the main Water of Leith Walkway and leads easily downriver, the gradient down here is leisurely but again, this is a popular route with walkers and cyclists and can get fairly busy. The trail connects with the canal tou,path at an obvious junction, cross the canal and take the towpath towards the city centre crossing the aqueduct may be busy and you'll have to push the bike The Leamington Bridge marks the basin at the end of the canal following the NCRI the cycle route skirts the northern edge to your next target is the Commonwealth Pool, take the road passing the north side of the Commonwealth Pool and head towards Holyrood Park. Don't go as far as the ornamental stone pillars that guard the entrance but look for a road on the left, East Parkside, it is signed for NCRI, but it's easy to miss the road leads between blocks of flats. After just 50 metres or so turn to the right and then sharp right to the end of the tunnel you turn into open countryside the route is signed and passes by Bingham, Newcraighall and on to join the River Esk cycle route from Musselburgh from where it's only a short hop to Whitecraig.

Category: Road Cycling one year ago
Created one year ago

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Min Elevation
18 ft
Total Distance
32.69 Miles
Max Elevation
957 ft
Total Time
0h 00m 00s
Total Elevation Gain
1718 ft
Way Points
Total Elevation Loss
1718 ft
Track Points
Max Speed
0 mile/hr
Route Points
Average Speed
0 mile/hr
# Elevation Part Distance Distance Speed Part time Heart Rate
Whitecraig, UK
1 102 ft 0 Miles 0 Miles 0 mile/hr N/A N/A
Dalkeith, UK
2 274 ft 2.05 Miles 2.05 Miles 0 mile/hr N/A N/A
Eskbank, Dalkeith EH22, UK
3 422 ft 0.95 Miles 3 Miles 0 mile/hr N/A N/A
Penicuik EH26, UK
4 902 ft 6.53 Miles 9.53 Miles 0 mile/hr N/A N/A
A702 & Biggar Road, Penicuik EH26 9LJ, UK
5 834 ft 1.92 Miles 11.45 Miles 0 mile/hr N/A N/A
Bingham, Edinburgh EH15 3HX, UK
6 420 ft 9.72 Miles 21.17 Miles 0 mile/hr N/A N/A
Musselburgh, UK
7 111 ft 2.57 Miles 23.73 Miles 0 mile/hr N/A N/A
Whitecraig, UK
8 102 ft 1.63 Miles 25.36 Miles 0 mile/hr N/A N/A
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