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Friday, 24 December 2021 06:17

Book Direct With Owners St Ninian's not strictly an island because it is joined to the Mainland by a spit or tombola of white sand described as one of the most beautiful in the world, lies about 6 miles north west from Sumburgh off a side road which rejoins the main road to Lerwick. This was long known as the site of one of the early Celtic churches in Shetland, but the church itself was buried in sand and its exact location lost for many years. The ruins of an ancient chapel attracted the...

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Shetland Museum
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Shetland Isles Vistas
Shetland Isles Vistas
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Shetland Isles Broch
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From Sumburgh Airport there are direct flights to Bergen during the summer. Shetland can be...

North Link Ferries runs a daily overnight ferry service from Lerwick that connects Shetland to...

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Book Direct Discount (For Participating Properties) Code SSJOZX
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10% Discount For Evening Meals (For Participating Properties) Code DD101
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For checkin from 01-02-2023 to 31-01-2024
Shetland Accommodation
Shetland Accommodation

Hillswick Accommodation - Sales and Rentals

Hillswick Holiday Accommodation For Sale Or Rent - Book Direct With Owners

Discovering Hillswick Holiday Accommodation Guide. The Northmavine community of Hillswick is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, to the north-northwest of the Shetland island of Mainland. Hillswick is a small village. This is the most northern region of the United Kingdom, and it consists of a subarctic archipelago that is sandwiched between Orkney, the Faroe Islands, and Norway. Because of its convenient location in the middle of the island, the north mainland of Shetland is an excellent choice for vacationers looking to spend time in the Shetland Islands.

It is possible to reach several of the areas conveniences on foot, including a swimming pool and a recreation centre.

The major town, Lerwick, is located further away from Edinburgh than Norway is, and both culturally and geographically, the people there identify more with Norway than with Scotland. Find a wonderful hike that takes you on a circuitous route along the coast of the Ness of Hillswick peninsula.

Exploring Hillswick

  • Hillswick Postcode ZE2
  • Hillswick Latitude: 60.4764° N Longitude: -1.4891° W
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  • Scotland Holiday Accommodation Guide

Hillswick Northmavine is a village on the extreme north west of the mainland from Lerwick in a bay of the Ura Firth and not far from Sandwick Bay, overlooks the Drongs, out to sea amid the waters of St Magnus Bay. This is an excellent centre for trout fishing, cliff scenery and bird-life.

Make your reservation at a beautiful vacation home that is located in a wonderful area with expansive views of the ocean and a beautiful outlook on the Bay of Gulberwick in the distance.

At the very end, there is a teeny-tiny lighthouse perched on a cliff, in addition to some wonderful sea stacks and beautiful clifftop vistas. Enjoy your stay in a fantastic waterfront location located in the middle of Lerwick, in the Lodberries neighbourhood, which is just a short walk from the small boat harbour and shops.

Visit the only wildlife sanctuary in Shetland, which has been providing care for sick, injured, and abandoned seals and otters for the past 30 years. Through their efforts, hundreds of animals have been successfully rehabilitated and released back into the wild. (charitable contribution to the Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary) Take a stroll over Shetland, and make sure to check out the Ness of Hillswick as well. Book a room at a bed & breakfast that is located close to the geographical centre of Shetland, such as one that is located between the settlement of Brae and the island of Muckle Roe. This will provide a convenient home base from which to explore the surrounding islands. Wi-Fi is provided for free in all public spaces as well as in some of the guest suites.

Find a restaurant that serves fresh food from the area and go there. Stay in a flat that looks out over Bains Beach and enjoys a great view across the harbour approach to Bressay. The flat is located within walking distance of restaurants and pubs, so you can spend the evening with someone you care about while sipping a glass of wine or a malt whisky.

"Hestviken" is located in Sandness, which is a scattered community, just off the Huxter side road on the sunny west side of Shetland, roughly 33 miles from Lerwick.

Make a reservation at a cottage that has wonderful views of the Papa Sound and the island of Papa Stour, and enjoy your stay.

The home features a kitchen and dining area, which is located in a space that is extremely bright and spacious and benefits from having three windows that look out onto the beautiful view of the sound and Papa Stour, in addition to a fourth window that looks out onto the west. There is plenty of room for a table and chairs, making it suitable for a vacation with the whole family or with a large group of friends.

The island of Fetlar is the least populous of the three North Isles that belong to Shetland. It is adjacent to the island of Yell and may be found to the east of Yell. Because of its lush vegetation and nutrient-rich soil, Fetlar is sometimes referred to as the "Garden of Shetland." The area is home to a significant amount of natural history and boasts wonderful landscapes. Approximately two thirds of the island is protected in some capacity, such as a site of special scientific interest (SSSI), special area of conservation (SAC), and the RSPB reserve at Funzie.

A ro-ro ferry service connects the Islands to Mainland Shetland. The crossing from Yell and Unst to Yell and Unst takes 30 minutes, and the crossing from Ulsta at the south end of Yell to Toft on Mainland Shetland takes 20 minutes. The crossing from Ulsta at the south end of Yell to Toft takes 20 minutes.

When travelling from Yell and Unst to Fetlar, one must travel around the island of Linga before continuing on to Hamars Ness, which is located in the most northwestern part of Fetlar.

The islands are a haven for bird watchers, since they are home to a diverse population of avian species, including the red-necked phalarope, which is considered to be one of the rarest breeding birds in all of Britain.

Additionally, the island is of geological and archaeological importance, and the histories of the properties located at Brough Lodge and Leagarth are quite intriguing.

The museum and the interpretive centre are managed by the community, and they are a wonderful source of more information.

Spend your nights in one of the many camping bods that are dispersed over Shetland in diverse areas.

In Shetland, a "Bod" was a structure that was utilised during the fishing season to shelter fisherman together with their equipment.

Find these bods scattered across the Islands, each situated within their own unique position remote and offering a more natural and wild type of accommodation for a truly unique experiences. Today, a bod is a form of basic holiday accommodation for those who want to try a back to basics type of holiday.

Staying In Hillswick

Find holiday wigwams, cabins, hotels and bed and breakfasts searching stay4you that offer a warm and comfortable, low cost stay for large groups couples, or a group of friends that find luxury camping in a tent to be the perfect choice for a Shetland glamping trip.

The thought of staying in Hillswick is fantastic. On Scotland's Shetland Mainland's western coast is a little village called Hillswick. It offers serene surroundings, stunning views of the shore, and lovely landscapes. Here are some pointers and advice for your visit to Hillswick:

Accommodations: There are a few places to stay in Hillswick, including guesthouses, bed & breakfasts, and cottages with full kitchens. Booking your lodging in advance is an excellent idea, especially during the busiest travel times.

Explore the outdoors: The natural splendour that surrounds Hillswick is wonderful. Enjoy the spectacular views of the cliffs and sea by taking leisurely strolls along the coastline. Keep a look out for seagulls, seals, and if you're fortunate, otters on the Shetland Islands, which are noted for their rich fauna.

Visit Eshaness: A peninsula near Hillswick, Eshaness is renowned for its wonderful cliffs and geological formations. The seaside scenery is very magnificent, and the Eshaness Lighthouse is a well-known landmark in the vicinity.

Shetland Wildlife: Take into account going on a wildlife excursion if you're interested in wildlife. You can be taken to great locations for observing birds and seals by local guides.

Enjoy the local cuisine: Fresh local fish and shellfish are readily available, and Shetland is recognised for its delectable seafood. Additionally, you might wish to sample traditional fare like Reestit Mutton and Shetland Lamb.

Cultural encounters: The Shetland Islands are home to a diverse population with a rich cultural legacy, which includes festivals and traditional music. Check to see if there are any concerts or local events taking place while you are there.

Hillswick's tranquilly is one of its best features, so take a moment to unwind. Spend some time unwinding and relaxing while taking in the tranquil environment.

Prepare for the Weather: Because Scotland's weather is changeable, it's important to carry layers and waterproof gear. Checking the weather forecast before your journey is another smart move.

During your visit, be mindful to respect both the environment and the community. Make the most of Hillswick's tranquilly and natural beauty while you're there!

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Loved our visit to Hillswick
 · 4 months ago  ·  Hillswick
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Shetland Islands, which are a part of Scotland, are located in the United Kingdom. Hillswick is a settlement that can be found in those islands. The Shetland Islands are well-known for the lovely natural scenery, distinctive species, and extensive cultural history that they contain.

You can count on Hillswick providing you with stunning vistas of the North Atlantic Ocean as well as cliffs with a craggy appearance. The picturesque countryside that encompasses the village makes it an excellent location for anyone who enjoy spending time outside and appreciating the natural world.

Hiking along the coastline trails, going birdwatching, and getting to know the local fauna are three of the most popular things to do in the area. It is possible to see seals and otters along the coastline of Shetland, in addition to the seabird colonies that have made Shetland famous, such as the puffins and gannets.

Hillswick is a little village that offers a few conveniences, such as places to stay, small stores, and pubs where you may enjoy the warmth and kindness of the Shetland people and perhaps sample some traditional delicacies from Scotland.

If you are thinking about going to Hillswick, you should check the local travel information first because the weather and the kinds of amenities that are offered can change significantly during the year. During your time here, do your part to ensure that the environment and the local species are treated with the utmost respect in order to ensure that this stunning area of the globe is here for future generations to enjoy.

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