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Overall Track Difficulty: Moderate
Area Information:
The Wee Mad Road of Sutherland This is a 24 mile long single tack road that follows the coastal scenery to rocky plains dotted with lochans,very high and very steep rugged mountains, narrow twisting roads in places, a route in the countryside with many blind, hairpin turns, from Lochinver to Kylesku, in the furthest point in the Scottish highland. Here you can find arguably one of the most scenic and ruggest routes in Sutherland. Leaving Lochinver, you soon pass the junction for the road to Achmelvich beach, it lies three miles to the north-west of this route, this is an ideal spot for swimming and water sports, wildlife enthusiasts you may be lucky enough to spot the dolphins and whales that often frequent these waters. The beach is reached by a narrow, twisting single-track road, there is a large car park, public toilets and a small hut for tourist information. There is a camp site and caravan park, with self catering accommodation in static caravans, as well spaces for touring caravans and tents, along with a hostel, Once you have spent some time on the beach you return to the route.
First Stage Difficulty: Moderate
First Stage Information:
Carry on through the tiny crofting townships of Clachtoll and Stoer, these are individual crofts established on the better land, and a large area of poorer-quality hill ground is shared by all the crofters of the township for grazing of their livestock. Then on to the Stoer Lighthouse, it was built by Stevenson in 1870, Today the lighthouse is automated, the keeper's house today is a furnished Self Catering property available for holiday rent, a walk from the lighthouse takes you to the famous sea stack the Old Man of Stoer, a pinnacle of rock which rises 200 feet out of the sea, other nearby tourist attractions include the Assynt Visitor Centre, Highland Stoneware, near Elphin and the Highland and Rare Breeds Farm.
Second Stage Information:
Further along the road lies Clashnessie, another tiny crofting township that is scattered around the sandy beach of Clashnessie Bay. There is fantasic driving with twists and turns on this route, you get spectacular views out to sea over Clashnessie and Edrachillis Bays and inland to the mountains of Quinag and Suilven.Continuing along this route to Drumbeg, The viewpoint stunning views out over the islands in the bay. The village stores in Drumbeg has been here for over a century, the store is located in the centre of the village, It is a well stocked licenced grocer and delicatessen specialising in Scottish produce and also stocks local arts and crafts, books, maps and guides and provides light snacks, you will find a number of bed & breakfasts and a hotel. Drumbeg itself has no harbour, you take a side road leading north from a junction on the B869 half a mile west of the village a short distance to Culkein Drumbeg. This is an attractive hillside settlement where a jetty was built at the end of the 1800s in an effort to bring prosperity to the area.
Third Stage Information:
From Drumbeg follow the route to finish at the village of Kylesku is a small remote fishing hamlet it is one of the most silent places you are ever likely to encounter, it is home to a jetty for locally-based fishing boats. A passenger ferry was introduced here in the early 1800s, the boat could only cary people so cattle on their way to market to central Scotland, had to swim across. Over the years various ferries came and went, and small car-carrying ferries first appeared between the wars. Today there is a bridge, only 276 metres long, and only crosses a 130 metre width of water, with a curved design, it was opened, in 1984, by the Queen.
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Min Elevation
13 ft
Total Distance
29.02 Miles
Max Elevation
449 ft
Total Time
4h 40m 26s
Total Elevation Gain
3799 ft
Way Points
Total Elevation Loss
3793 ft
Track Points
Max Speed
9.17 mile/hr
Route Points
Average Speed
6.21 mile/hr
# Elevation Part Distance Distance Speed Part time Heart Rate
1 Achmelvich Parking 39 ft 0 Miles 0 Miles 0 mile/hr N/A N/A
2 Path to beach 23 ft 0.13 Miles 0.13 Miles 0 mile/hr N/A N/A
3 Clachtoll Parking 39 ft 1.87 Miles 2 Miles 0 mile/hr N/A N/A
4 Stoer 148 ft 0.82 Miles 2.82 Miles 0 mile/hr N/A N/A
5 Drumbeg Parking 174 ft 5.75 Miles 8.57 Miles 0 mile/hr N/A N/A
6 Kylesku Finish 23 ft 6.69 Miles 15.26 Miles 0 mile/hr N/A N/A
7 Lochinver Start 23 ft 11.18 Miles 26.44 Miles 0 mile/hr N/A N/A
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