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The moated Bodiam Castle was built in the 14th century and can be found at Robertsbridge, East Sussex, England in the United Kingdom. Sir Edward Dalyngrigge, a former knight under Edward III, was tasked with building it in 1385 at the direction of Richard II to protect England from potential invasion by France during the Hundred Years' War.One of the most well-known and well-loved landmarks in all of England is Bodiam Castle, which was built all the way back in 1385. It could be the...

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Arundel Castle Reviews and Accomodation Guide

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Shoreham-by-Sea Holiday Accommodation Guide
Shoreham-by-Sea Holiday Accommodation Guide

Shoreham-by-Sea Holiday Accommodation Property Rentals

West Sussex, England's Shoreham-by-Sea is a coastal town and port. Historically significant town with a downtown that honours its fishing heritage, There are historic homes, cottages, and even stunning churches. Still, the town is bustling and has some beautiful new construction along its riverfront and harbour front. The best places to shop, see the local wildlife, go on a day trip to appreciate the slower pace of Sussex's tiny towns, or go to a national garden can all be found in West Sussex. With its tidal river, lively harbour, and commercial port, it is a distinctive place with natural elements.

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Grab a hotel room in South East England's Shoreham-by-Sea and use it as a base for day trips.
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There are a few independent stores, numerous bars and eateries, and a renowned farmers' market held every month.
For commuters, Shoreham train station provides a direct connection into Brighton in 20 minutes or into London Victoria and London Bridge in an hour. It also offers a variety of lodging options to suit all budgets.

West Sussex is full of museums and historical sites to enjoy, telling the story of this magical region to explore with friends. Settlements were established around this expansive chalk ridge almost 5,000 years ago, when lofty vantage points such as Cissbury Ring, an Iron Age hill fort that assisted in the defence of its inhabitants against attackers, were built.

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Old Shoreham is where the pre-Norman settlement was concentrated around the Church of St. Nicholas, some of which dates back to the ninth century, although most of the construction originates from the 11th and 12th centuries. Local shopping is accessible at The Holmbush Centre in North Shoreham.

Several Saxon and Norman churches may be found in Sussex, some of which are much older and are still surviving in West Sussex.

An iconic part of Old Shoreham is the historic bridge that spans the Adur. It was completed in 1781 and for two centuries handled the majority of traffic along the coast until being given a more dignified retirement.

The South Downs form the town's northern boundary, the Adur Valley forms its western boundary, and the River Adur and Shoreham Beach on the English Channel form its southern boundary.

Get a good night's sleep and a hearty meal to start the day by staying at a bed and breakfast.

The South downs are quite ideally positioned for quick access for Dartford, Horton Kirby and you can simply get to the Bluewater shopping complex by changing in Dartford in Kent

South-east of Central London, Dartford is located next to the London Borough of Bexley on its western border.

A significant road crossing of the Thames is the Dartford crossing, also referred to as the Dartford tunnel. between Thurrock in the north and Dartford in the south is the A282.

The Queen Elizabeth 2 bridge and two tunnels make up the crossing.
The village is served by the local bus service, which runs frequently to the Farningham Road British Rail station, from where there are direct trains to the Medway towns, the Kent coast, and London Victoria. Excellent road connections are available, and the M25 motorway is only two miles distant.

This region is wonderful particularly if you're a keen hiker with many circular walks

After exploring this intriguing region, head to Littlehampton Caravan and Camping Site and the nearby town of Arundel with its impressive castle. The motte, an artificial mound that rises more than 100 feet above the dry moat and was built in 1068, was the castle's oldest feature, and it was followed by the gatehouse in 1070.

The Wars of the Roses, as they are known in history, are a civil war that the Plantagenet Royal Family started during their reign.

Although there was never a raid at Arundel, you may go to a three-day event that simulates a Lancastrian raiding party clashing with Yorkist forces beneath the impressive castle today. It's a fun day for everyone.

There are certain limitations between the river and the beach huts at Littlehampton Beach throughout the summer.

In the midst of "The South Downs National Park," The South Downs Trail offers the best riding in the South of England. The South Downs offers a variety of outdoor activities, including pony trekking and superb hacking.

Reserve a vacation rental near Shoreham Town Center, next to the River Adur, the longest river wholly in Sussex, together with the River Medway, River Wey, and River Mole, which empties into the English Channel, and minutes from quiet country walks in the South Downs.

On their newly acquired land, the Romans erected villas after establishing the South Downs as a high-status district.

Beacons were built as early warning systems against invaders from the Channel after the Norman conquest, with Ditchling Beacon—the highest point in East Sussex—being used to announce the coming of the Spanish Armada. Reserve a room at a Castle hotel, a really distinctive luxury hotel offering the best standards in food and service and situated in the charming village of Amberley at the foot of the South Downs. The deluxe amenities you would expect from a country house hotel are lavishly present in the bedrooms.

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Staying at Shoreham-by-Sea visited Marlipins Museum
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A delightful museum that houses an extraordinary assortment of unusual things. One of the highlights was located on the upper floor and it was a presentation of current local history. The gentleman who worked the front desk welcomed us with warmth and friendliness before describing the layout of the magnificent old building in which we were currently located. It is well worth taking the time and spending the money to go and see it.
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