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Searching Hambledon Hill Holiday Accommodation Guide for information on visiting Hambledon Hill, a lonely, grass-covered chalk hill in Dorset, is worth hiking for more than simply its enormous earthworks, which were built for defence during different periods between the Stone Age and the Roman occupation. Because its slopes are too steep for both the plow and the crowds, it is a natural haven for butterflies, notably the magnificent marbled-white, and little birds, and the vista from the...

Castles in Dorset
Castles in Dorset

Fleet Holiday Accomodation Guide

Fleet Dorset, The availability of good hospitality accommodation in the area helps travellers to make the most of their time while on vacation in Dorset when it comes to vacations and short breaks in and around Fleet and the surrounding region. For individuals who want to take use of the region's facilities, accommodations such as hotels as well as self-catering homes and cottages are available in the Fleet area. Apart from its lovely surroundings, the hamlet has a variety of cheap housing options, including high-end hotels, affordable bed and breakfasts, and apartment rentals. Fleet, like the other towns and villages in Dorset, offers a diverse range of recreational and economic activities to tourists and ordinary visitors. Visiting Dorset and the Fleet area then make use of Fleet Holiday Accomodation Guide to checkout out suitable accommodation.

Visit and experience Fleet in Dorset, where the Weymouth suburbs abruptly give way to a region that is exceptionally calm, with fields sloping down to the large lagoon known as the Fleet, which is populated with Abbotsbury swans and rich in eels and bass.
There is no settlement currently since much of East Fleet, the setting for Meade Falkner's novel Moonfleet, was destroyed in the great storm of 1824, which drove at least one ship flying over the 30 foot top of the Chesil Bank, and fire in 1938 almost completely obliterated it. Only a few homes and the mediaeval church's chancel, which contains Mohun brasses from the seventh century, survive.
The new church (1827-9) is charmingly unorthodox on the interior, with an apsidal chancel, approximately half a mile west of the ancient standing red-lichen clad in a beech grove. If you park and walk rather than driving to the extent of your ability, you are more likely to feel welcomed in this neighbourhood.

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