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East Hagbourne Visitors Hospitality Guide

Tourists will be able to take advantage of everything East Hagbourne and its surrounds have to offer whilst on holiday in the county of Oxfordshire as a result of the hospitality displayed in and around East Hagbourne and the surrounding region. It's a fantastic chance for visitors to stay in a hotel or rent a self-catering house in East Hagbourne and enjoy everything the hamlet has to offer. The town boasts a lovely atmosphere and a variety of great lodging alternatives, ranging from high-end hotels to low-cost bed and breakfasts. Tourist and business hotels may be found in the Oxfordshire area of East Hagbourne, as well as other towns and villages.

The picturesque village of East Hagbourne in Oxfordshire, with its timber-framed homes with thatch and gables, zigzag brick patterns, and neat tiny gardens, is a picture-postcard destination. The group of buildings at the ancient village cross, which is close to the church, is perhaps the most attractive. The church itself is remarkable, featuring a historic porch on the front. It is largely from the 4th and 5th centuries, and it contains notable roof beams and carved bosses. In addition, there are brasses from the 5th and 7th centuries, as well as some stunning 14th-century stained glass depicting the Nativity and the Virgin Mary in the north window. West Hagbourne is only one mile west of its neighbour and, with its half-timbered thatched buildings and pond, it is a miniature replica of its larger neighbour.

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Enjoyed Didcot Wave Leisure Pool & Gym
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 · 7 months ago
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I visited this pool while Covid restrictions were in effect, and they had done an excellent job of managing contact.
As a result, there is no need to wait in line. Customers are accepted in 10-minute sessions, and they then pass via a one-way system to drop off their clothing and belongings at the back of the pool area (come with your swimsuit under your clothes). Following your swim, you will gather your belongings (again in 10-minute intervals) and proceed through the shower/changing area before exiting through a separate door. At no time do you feel cramped or near to others, and it is evident that they have a restricted capacity because the pool was likewise calm and well-spaced. Your time in the pool is closely controlled and limited to 50 minutes plus 10 minutes for changing and exiting the pool. Please keep in mind that the showers and changing facilities are open for your departure, but that there are no hair dryers available. The personnel at that location did an excellent job.

If you're looking to swim, there's one large pool with a sloped 'beach' entrance, a designated space for swimmers only that's mostly used for lane swimming, and about once every two hours, they turn on the waves for five minutes (you can stay in a part of the pool that's not really affected if waves aren't your thing). They open the large curly slide for approximately 5-10 minutes after the waves have finished, and after each session, I noticed the lifeguard washing off all of the hand rails and other equipment. All of the lifeguards were keeping a tight eye on things as well.

Thank you to the Didcot team for their excellent work in getting my little child back in the pool after all these months. It was a pleasure working with you.
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