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Wimborne Model Town & Gardens, The centre of Wimborne as it appeared in the 1950s has been recreated at a scale of 1/10th at the Wimborne Model Town. The charitable attraction is located on a property that is approximately a third of an acre in size and features mature gardens as well as facilities that are complementary to the gardens. You may approach so near to the structures that you can almost touch them thanks to the ever-increasing level of detail that has been added over the...

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Durdle Door
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Corfe Castle
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Dorchester Museum

Dorchester Holiday Accommodation Guide

Dorchester Holiday Accommodation Guide so visitors will be able to take advantage of everything the hamlet and its environs have to offer while on holiday in the county thanks to the hospitality given in and around Dorchester, Dorset. The discovery of Dorchester and its surrounds provides an excellent opportunity for travellers to take advantage of and appreciate everything the town has to offer while staying in the hamlet, regardless of whether you rent a hotel or a self-catering cottage. Apart from offering a varied range of decent housing options ranging from premium hotels to inexpensive bed and breakfasts. To meet your needs, tourist and business hotels are available in Dorchester and across Dorset, as well as in neighbouring towns and villages.

Dorchester, the county seat of Dorset, makes a nice first impression from any direction, with its main street descending from the River Frome. Its buildings, which are formed of pale grey Portland stone, are uninteresting artistically, in part because they were damaged by a series of fires in the 17th and 18th centuries and rebuilt without the uniformity or originality of Blandford. Nonetheless, because of its ancient beginnings, it is rife with mystery. The Romans appear to have walled it and made it one of their principal cities in the south-west shortly after capturing Maiden Castle one and a half miles to the south-west. The Normans built it a castle, which is said to have been one of King John's numerous temporary residences, as well as a friary, both of which have since been destroyed.

Throughout the Middle Ages, it manufactured textiles and was well-known for its ales. In the 17th century, it became more Puritan, with a shipload of its citizens establishing New Dorchester in New England in 1628 and passionately supporting the Roundheads during the Civil War. Following the Monmouth insurgency in 1685, Judge Jeffreys presided over a "bloody assize" in which 74 people were hanged, cut up, and pieces of them were exemplarily spread over the realm.

Exploring Dorchester Holiday Accommodation Guide

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His sleeping quarters on High Street are now a restaurant, and his courtroom is reported to have been a room in the Antelope Hotel on South Street. In 1834, the old Shire Hall on the High Street was dismantled. Another historic trial took place on this street: that of the Tolpuddle Martyrs. The T.U.C. presently owns the courtroom as a monument, and it is available to the public.
Dorchester is now a cattle marketing and farming town." "A large brewery and other minor industries are located in a retail centre. It is best known for the works of Thomas Hardy (l840–1928), whose posthumous renown it has worked hard to maintain. He was born in the neighbouring town of Higher Bockhampton and spent his final years at Max Gate on the town's eastern outskirts.
The County Museum, which is located approximately midway up the High Street, is arguably Dorset's best museum, with numerous good Roman and pre-Roman artefacts, spectacular fossils, poacher traps, and Hardy relics, including a reproduction of his study. St Peter's Church, next door, is mostly 15th-century, with an effigy of Denzil, Lord Holles, one of the five "the birds are flown" M.P.s whom Charles I went to the House of Commons to arrest, restored by a local architect with the young Thomas Hardy as an assistant; it has an effigy of Denzil, Lord Holles, one of the five "the birds are flown" M.P.s whom Charles I went to A monument of William Barnes, a 19th-century dialect poet who, like Scotland's Burns, is more revered than read in his hometown, stands just outside. A few doors up is the Shire Hall, and a statue of Hardy by Eric Kennington may be found a bit farther on. A good example of the foundations and tessellated pavements of a Roman villa may be discovered 200 yards north in Colliton Park, near the new County Hall.
The keep, which is housed in the former army depot barracks, is located at the top of the High Street and houses a museum. A Roman amphitheatre, built on the site of a Bronze Age stone circle known as Maumbury Rings, is located just under a mile south of the Weymouth road. It was used for beast-baiting until the Middle Ages, and for public, well-attended executions until the 18th century. Napier's Almshouses (1610), one of the town's oldest structures, located on the route to it, in South Street, roughly opposite the Post Office. St George's, Fordington, is the most attractive church and may be found by going south "West of the river, there is a street called High Street. It contains a magnificent Norman tympanum depicting St George, on behalf of the Crusaders, piercing Saracens with his sword. The Walks, which encircle the town on three sides with avenues of limes, chestnuts, and sycamores, are claimed to follow the line of the Roman fortifications. The little church where William Barnes, the poet, was rector from 1862 until his death in 1886, and the thatched rectory where he resided, both in open parkland filled with oak trees, are one and three quarter miles south south east at Winterborne Came. Here is also one of Dorset's best-looking Palladian mansions, constructed in 1754 by architect-builder Francis Cartwright for John Damer, a former M.P. for Dorchester and younger brother of Milton Abbas' founder. It is easily visible from the highway and is only available by appointment. Wolfeton House, the Trenchard family's ancestral house, located one and a half miles north of Charminster and may be visited by appointment. The church at Charminster contains a 13th-century porch and a 15th-century tower.

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Lovely Visit to Thomas Hardy's Cottage
 · 1 year ago  ·  Hardys Cottage
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Beautiful landscape surrounds this charming house. It's clear that this is historically significant. Two knowledgeable guides provided us with fascinating information on the cottage's inside and outside. The interior fixtures and furnishings are period-appropriate, although they are not the originals, which are reportedly maintained in the Hardy museum in Dorchester. Garden is proportioned to complement a cottage and is pleasant and unpretentious. The cottage's top stories are only accessible through some steep stairs - getting down is even more difficult than climbing up! If you prefer, you may take a virtual tour. The nearest parking lot, the Visitors Centre, is not free for NT members and costs £1 per hour. The walk to the cottage is along a gravel bridle path with a steady rising gradient. Also take note of the prudence / need of making a reservation. Other tourists were turned away since they did not have a reservation and there was no room available. Also, the garden can only be visited after the house tour; you must wait in the orchard, where there are seats.
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