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Windsor, Berkshire, Windsor, UK
Windsor, Berkshire, Windsor, UK

Donnington Berkshire Holiday Accommodation Guide

Donnington Berkshire Holiday Accommodation Guide to the hospitality and accommodation provided in and around Donnington in Berkshire will allow visitors to take advantage of everything the hamlet and its surroundings have to offer while they are on vacation in the county. The exploration of Donnington and its environs gives a wonderful chance for tourists to take advantage of and appreciate everything the village has to offer while they are in the hamlet. Apart from providing a diverse selection of good housing alternatives ranging from upscale hotels to modest bed & breakfasts, this location is also known for its exceptional local friendliness and tranquil ambience, among other things. Tourist and business hotels are available in the Donnington district, as well as in the neighbouring towns and villages, to accommodate your needs.

Berkshire's Donnington, the gatehouse of Donnington Castle is without a doubt one of the most romantic remnants in a county that, aside from Windsor, appears to be lacking in good castles. Because it is located on a spur, it not only boasts a beautiful environment but also fantastic views of the surrounding region.

There are stunning views of the surrounding landscape from the castle.
Donnington's history dates back to the 11th century, but after passing through several hands, it ended up in the hands of Richard de Abberbury, a knight allied to the Black Prince. He was appointed guardian of the prince's young son, Richard II, who granted permission to crenellate the castle in 1386. It afterwards belonged to Thomas Chaucer, who was thought to be the poet's son.
It was afterwards owned by Queen Elizabeth I, who, like Henry VII and Edward VI, resided at Donnington.
But its best hour came during the Civil War, when it was strategically located on the Bath road and was vital to the Royalists, who held out for 20 months in the face of enormous pressure under Sir John Boys. Finally, with the King's cause irrevocably lost, they were permitted an honourable surrender.
Originally, the castle was rectangular, with round towers at each of the four corners, square towers in two walls, and a gatehouse in the third. However, only the gatehouse exists now. It is a magnificent rectangular construction flanked by two circular towers and rising to a height of 65 feet. It is three stories tall and was built in 1386. The views from the summit are spectacular. The castle is currently accessible to the general public. Aside from the gatehouse, the shape of the castle and the ruins of the earthworks erected during the Civil War at a cost of £1000 may be observed. Some war relics are also on show.

Exploring Donnington Berkshire Holiday Accommodation Guide

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Great Day At Donnington Valley Golf Club Berkshire
 · 1 year ago  ·  Donnington
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On site, there is also a Pro Shop, practise facilities, and a gorgeous Victorian Clubhouse with spectacular views over the 9th and 18th greens, which is designated on the National Register of Historic Places. Donnington Valley is the ideal destination for golfing days, golf getaways, and membership due to the combination of a superbly maintained golf course and a wonderful four-star hotel.
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