Wiltshire Area Attractions

Caen Hill Locks, Along the whole length of the Kennet and Avon Canal, there are numerous examples...

Fonthill Abbey, a Gothic fantasy transformed into reality by William Beckford, an inventive but...

Swindon & Cricklade Railway, Located in Wiltshire, England, the Swindon & Cricklade...

On the Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England, two miles to the west of Amesbury is where you'll...

Iconic Wiltshire Attractions
Iconic Wiltshire Attractions

Chippenham Holiday Accommodation Guide

Travelers visiting the market town of Chippenham, which is located within the lovely county of Wiltshire, will be in a fantastic position to take advantage of and explore everything that the town and its surrounds have to offer because of its central location. As long as you are a resident in Chilcomb, you will be in a prime situation to take advantage of and experience everything that the town and its environs have to offer. Additionally, in addition to providing a broad assortment of excellent housing options ranging from costly hotels to small bed & breakfast establishments, this place offers some lovely local warmth and a calm ambiance. Chippenham and the neighbouring districts, as well as the surrounding areas and beyond, are home to a plethora of tourist and business hotels. Staying in Wiltshire then checkout Chippenham Holiday Accommodation Guide with stay4you.com.

Chippenham is a town in the United Kingdom. Wiltshire has been a market town for ages; King Alfred spent a lot of time here and liked to go hunting in the adjacent woodlands when he was in residence. The Avon is now crossed by a modern concrete bridge, which was erected in 1966 and provides access to the town. It features a 15th-century Town Hall, as well as several lovely half-timbered homes and others in stone dating from the 18th century, despite being a mostly industrial district.

However, the Hungerford Chapel, which dates back to the 15th century and has several notable monuments, predates St Andrew's Church and was reconstructed in the 19th century.
Hardenhuish, pronounced Hamish, is a small village that has grown into a suburb of Chippenham. On a grassy hilltop sits the church, which was created in 1779 by John Wood of Bath and is a wonderful example of Georgian church architecture, with two Venetian windows that are particularly attractive to visitors. In Kingston St Michael, which is six miles north-west of Chippenham, there are a number of excellent 17th century gabled stone alms-houses to see. In the church is a window dedicated to John Aubrey, writer, gossip, and antiquarian, who was born here in 1626 and is remembered by the inscription. He was a leading specialist on Wiltshire, and he convinced King Charles II to pay a visit at AVEBURY, where the Aubrey Holes were called in his honour. Nearby Priory Farm has some relics of a Benedictine nunnery that stood here in the 12th century that have been incorporated into the structure's walls.

Exploring Chippenham Holiday Accommodation Guide

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John Coles Park Great Free Family Day
 · 10 months ago
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A beautiful, big park for people of all ages to enjoy. The property is well manicured and maintained. Walking, riding, and scooting around the park are some of our favourite activities. During the summer months, the park and splash pad are particularly popular with children. During the winter months, the ground at the playground can get quite muddy and wet, making wellies and splash suits highly recommended.🌲
Friendly personnel and a decent assortment of beverages and desserts are available at this cafe. The Swedish Glace vegan ice cream cones are a favourite among my children.
Toilet facilities that are clean. There is a parking lot, although there are only a few places available.
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Chippenham Facilities
 · 12 days ago  ·  Chippenham
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There isn't a huge selection of stores, but you can get what you need here. Unlike neighbouring Marlborough and Devizes, it lacks a certain quaintness. While I spend the majority of my shopping in Bath, I may occasionally visit the pleasant town of Chippenham for necessities. Swimming pools, gyms, and other sports facilities abound.
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