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Forde Abbey, Visitors of all ages will find...

Somerset Area Attractions

Forde Abbey, Chard, United Kingdom
Forde Abbey, Chard, United Kingdom

Chard Holiday Accommodation Guide

Visiting Chard which is a civil parish in the English county of Somerset, as well as a town inside the parish. It is located 15 miles south-west of Yeovil, on the A30 road near the Devon/Dorset border, at an elevation of 121 metres, and is the highest point in the county. Chard is the town in Somerset that is both the southernmost and highest in the county.

Travelers can make the most of their time while on vacation in Dorset by staying in and around Chard and the surrounding region. When it comes to vacations and short breaks in and around Chard and the surrounding region, Chard provides travellers with holiday accommodation and hospitality in the area. For those who prefer to take use of the region's facilities, the Chard area provides a choice of lodging options, including hotels as well as self-catering houses and cottages. As well as luxurious accommodations, the town has a variety of cheap choices, including motels, affordable bed & breakfasts, and furnished apartment rentals. In Chard, like in the other towns and villages around the county of Dorset, tourists and business travellers will discover a diverse range of recreational and economic activities. Visitors to Chard in Somerset can search and explore the area with Chard Holiday Accommodation Guide.
Cerden was the name of the town in 1065, and Cerdre was the name of the town in the Domesday Book of 1086. Immediately following the Norman Conquest, the Bishop of Wells was appointed as ruler of Chard. In 1234, the town received its first charter from King John of England. During the English Civil War, the town was further decimated by fire, which caused most of the damage in 1577. Harvey's Hospital was founded in 1663 by Richard Harvey of Exeter, who left a bequest to the city. It was at this town that the fictitious Duchess of Monmouth was proclaimed King just before his defeat on Sedgemoor during the Monmouth Rebellion in 1685. In the aftermath of his trial by Judge Jeffreys, Chard stood by and observed the execution and treasonous death of 12 convicted insurgents, who were hanged at the contemporary Tesco roundabout. The Chard Canal, formerly known as the Tub Boat Canal, was constructed between 1835 and 1842. Construction of the Chard Branch Line, which passed through Chard until 1965, was begun in 1860 to connect the main lines of the London and South Western Railway with the main lines of the Bristol and Exeter Railway.
In the town of Fore Street, there is a creek that runs down both sides of the street, which is an unusual feature. One stream is sent to the Bristol Channel, while the other is delivered to the English Channel. Chard Reservoir, located about a mile north-east of town, is a Local Nature Reserve, and Snowdon Hill Quarry, located about a mile south-east of town, is a geological Site of Special Scientific Interest. In addition to Numatic International Limited, which is the town's main employer, the Oscar Mayer food processing industry is also located here. In addition to numerous recreational and cultural activities, Holyrood Academy provides secondary education, and religious structures such as the Church of St Mary the Virgin, which was constructed in the late 11th century, can be found in the area.

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From the top of St. Michael's Hill
 · 22 days ago  ·  St Michael's Hill
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From the top of St. Michael's Hill, one may get breathtaking views of Montacute as well as the tranquil countryside of Somerset. On top of the hill is where you'll find the 18th-century tourist attraction known as St. Michael's Tower. Soon after the Norman Conquest in 1066, that location became the site of the construction of a fortification. The castle, on the other hand, has been obliterated in its entirety.
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