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Berkshire Landscapes
Berkshire Landscapes

Bray Holiday Accommodation Guide

Bray Holiday Accommodation Guide providing information and accommodation in the Berkshire town of Bray. Bray or Bray on Thames is an excellent base for visitors wishing to enjoy and explore Berkshire and its surrounding area, which offers excellent lodgings ranging from fine hotels to basic bed and breakfast establishments, as well as some wonderful local hospitality, so whatever type of accommodation you require will be found in and around Bray and its surrounding area.
Discover Berkshire's Bray, Sir, whatsoever King reigns, I will be the Vicar of Bray!" So went the old song about the 17th century vicar who had to switch religions to make ends meet.
The settlement is situated on a bend in the Thames, which is crossed by Brunel's magnificent red-brick bridge.
The Chantry Chapel of St Mary, which became a school in the 17th century, and a charming 15th century timber framed gatehouse are both located in the parish churchyard.
The winding alleys lined with timber-framed and Georgian homes are charming, and the big church is full of interesting details. Sir John de Foxley and his wives are depicted on the first brass, which dates from I378, and one of the monuments depicts William Goddard, who also has a statue at the entrance to Jesus Hospital, which he built. A quadrangle is surrounded by magnificent 17th century gabled alms-houses, and the chapel has an ancient carved screen.
Ockwells Manor, built between 1446 and 1466 for Sir John Norreys and an absolutely excellent example of a timber-framed manor house of the time, is less than two miles to the south west.

Discovering Bray Holiday Accommodation Guide

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