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Visiting Durdle Door, Take a look around and see what there is to see and do. Durdle Door, in Dorset, is the most stunning and easily accessible location along this county's spectacular shore. Two large bays under sheer chalk cliffs are parted by a promontory out of which the enormous "door" has been carved by the sea, backed by an unblemished sweep of that downland distinctive to Dorset. A secluded swimming lagoon is surrounded by a reef and a promontory.It was filmed here for the false...

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Bockhampton Holiday Accommodation Guide

Bockhampton Holiday Accommodation Guide to find an excellent location for exploring Berkshire, with a wide range of holiday and business accommodations, including quaint inns and hotels, as well as self-catering alternatives. There is also Bed & Breakfast accommodation to suit all budgets, and Bockhampton is a lovely area to visit with some great local hospitality.

Visit and explore Bockhampton in Dorset, where Thomas Hardy, the novelist, was born in 1840 at Higher Bockhampton, on the edge of the immense heath he dubbed Egdon. The relevant thatched home, which is owned by the National Trust and is frequently open, is located in a wood at the end of a tiny lane on the north east end of the island. An obelisk was erected nearby in 1931 by "a few American admirers."

Hardy first attended school at Lower Bockhampton, the larger and more attractive of the two hamlets. His heart was buried in the churchyard in Stinsford, two miles south west of Mellstock, in Under the Greenwood Tree, and his ashes were buried in Westminister Abbey when he died in 1928.
The stately mansion of Kingston Maurward, now the Dorset Farm Institute, was erected approximately 1720 and is about five miles east of Stinsford. Nearby is the Elizabethan manor house it replaced, which has lately been renovated but is not open to the public.

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Bockhampton Higher and Lower, respectively, Located just three kilometres away from Dorchester in the county of Dorset, the town of Sherborne is considered to be the county's oldest settlement. Sherborne is known for its bustling market town environment, which is filled to the brim with interesting shops, restaurants, and cafes that focus on local history.

Dorchester is the ideal location to use as a home base for exploring the surrounding area because of its idyllic setting in the surrounding countryside.

You can easily access Central London, Cornwall, Southampton docks, Weymouth, Poole Harbour, and Bournemouth airport from this location, and you may choose from a variety of flexible car rental options while you are arranging your trip in the United Kingdom, whether it is for business or for pleasure.

All of the car rental companies based at Bournemouth Airport provide a comprehensive selection of automobiles, ranging from family automobiles to executive automobiles, at competitive rates. Because these companies are located at the airport, you can simply step off the plane, collect your car, and get on your way.

One of the two stations that provide service to the town of Dorchester in Dorset is the Dorchester Railway Station.

Create memories that will last a lifetime by booking a stay at a bed & breakfast in Higher Bockhampton for a journey that is one of a kind for the whole family, for yourself, or with a partner.

A little village on the River Frome known as Lower Bockhampton is the location of the primary school that Thomas Hardy attended when he was still a young lad.

Under the Greenwood Tree was set in the Old School House, which is now a private residence but was made famous by its role as the location where Fancy Day taught.

The village of Mellstock was modelled after nearby Bockhampton, and this area is considered to be its place of origin.

This charming hamlet is conveniently located near a number of hiking trails, some of which lead in the direction of Stinsford and Dorchester to the west and Yellowham Wood and Puddletown Forest to the east.

Stay in a bed and breakfast that is suitable for family vacations or vacations with groups of friends. This is the perfect spot to relax and have a wonderful breakfast that is freshly cooked, and in the evening, you can dine in a restaurant that has won awards.

Reserve a stay in a quaint cottage designed exclusively for two people, located in the picturesque village of Lower Bockhampton.

You may find a variety of intriguing days out in the surrounding area, such as castles, gardens, stately homes, attractive villages, and the magnificent Jurassic coastline of Dorset.

Stay in a hotel that is located close to the Thorncombe Woods Local Nature Reserve, which is a mixed woodland and heath that is listed on the Ancient Woodland Inventory. There are lots of paths to explore both the site and further afield using the local rights of way to get to Puddletown Forest and Dorchester. Book your room at a hotel that is located close to the reserve.

A wonderful six-bedroom detached family home in a quiet hamlet inside the New Forest National Park, giving a wealth of history and lovely views, is available for a short stay with friends or family. The breathtaking Dorset and Hampshire coastline is around five miles to the south.

A number of interesting locations may be found in and around Christchurch, such as the harbour, High Cliffe Castle, and the remnants of the mediaeval Christchurch Priory.

There are a variety of golf courses, some of which are located in breathtaking coastal and forest settings, as well as chances for water sports and activities involving horses.

The region is home to a number of places that are perfect for outings with families.

The Hinton Admiral mainline train station is the closest to you, and it takes around two hours to get to Waterloo from there. Both Bournemouth and Southampton have airports that can accommodate flights inside the United Kingdom as well as to other countries.

Walking, horseback riding, and cycling are just some of the activities that can be enjoyed along the network of footpaths and bridleways that traverse this breathtaking countryside. There are a number of charming villages in the area that provide excellent lodging as well as other things to do and see.

Find a vacation rental that is suitable for people of all ages and price ranges, and that serves as an ideal base from which to explore the Jurassic coastline and the charming towns and villages of Dorset.

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