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On this lovely and captivating river, which is romantic, untouched, gorgeous, tranquil, and full of animals, you could be forgiven for assuming that you had gone back in time. The river is full with animals. There are boathouses hidden in forests that extend into the water, once-bustling quays have been transformed into grassy banks that lie serenely on the river's edge, peaceful creeks hold smugglers' secrets and tales of daring actions, and the local bird population continues much the same...

Cobbled Street
Cobbled Street
Historic House
Historic House
Light House
Light House
London Bridge
London Bridge
Dry Stone Wall
Dry Stone Wall
Stone Henge
Stone Henge
Red Telephone Box
Red Telephone Box
Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge
Water Fall
Water Fall
Torquay Devon
Torquay Devon
Torquay Devon

England Accommodation - Hospitality Sales and Rentals

England Holiday Accommodation - Hospitality Property For Sale Or Rent - Book Direct With Owners

Visitors to England which is part of the UK (United Kingdom) will enjoy a great holiday destination that is also rich in historical importance, allowing them to take advantage of and learn about everything the country and its surroundings have to offer. Visitors to England who are exploring the country's various cities, towns, and villages have a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of and enjoy everything the country has to offer for the duration of their stay, which is especially true during the summer months when the weather is warm and pleasant. In addition to providing visitors with a beautiful, safe destination with tranquil areas, England also provides a diverse selection of high-quality lodging options ranging from large hotels to modest bed & breakfast facilities and self-catering advertised on stay4you.com in charming cottages in the surrounding towns and localities. England provides a number of tourist and business hotels, as well as a variety of alternative lodging options throughout the country and beyond.


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The geological foundations of the landscape that is England relatively young, this is a soft low lying country, born out of a turbulent and bloody history, life, and ancient customs, food and drink, documented, and told through stories, buildings, plays, and song that have been handed down from generation to generation, for centuries.

Today the people if England hold a vast wealth of knowledge, of the ancient coexistence, habits and customs that have developed over the centuries, in the manifestations that are strongly protected, from country houses, castles churches, battle grounds, museums, art galleries, plays, stories, food and drink, books, all to marvel the traveller with full access to satisfy the curious and the adventurous.

  •  Starting from Cornwall a county in South West England This is the furthest south western point of England, Land's End, the southern most point is Lizard Point.
  •  The county is bordered to the north and west by the Celtic Sea, to the south by the English Channel, here are so many amazing things to do in England.

Discover iconic landmarks, uncovering centuries of history, Immerse yourself in the great outdoors follow the winding paths and mystic atmosphere only found in Forests and Woodlands alike, idyllic sanctuaries of the Lake District, sprawling Welsh coast, wild landscapes of Devon, eccentric wildlife, Hay meadows and green pastures full of wild flowers dip into deep glacial valleys and reach right up into the Pennine hills, incredible views, Rolling hills, deep ravines and waterfalls, shopping in England's thousands of independent shops and vintage markets. If you intend visiting the UK then start by searching England Holiday Accommodation Guide.

 England has a long rich regal history and royal heritage to be discovered, from the past to the present.

  •  England has countless specialist cuisines when eating out.

The traditional classic afternoon tea selection, consists of scones, clotted cream, jam, finger sandwiches, cakes, tarts and of course tea, Fish and Chips, Roast Sunday Lunch, Pie Mash and liqueur, Jellied eels, Cornish pasty, each region has its own delight for you to try.

 England Features a never ending array of exciting tours, world-famous attractions, romantic itineraries, exotic experiences, whether active or not, old or young

To get about you can hire a car, mini bus or motor bike, go on a coach trip, hire a private tour guide, walk, cycle, there’s no limit to what you can do, take part in the many tours, days out, boat trips sight seeing, wild life watching, have a pint in a traditional pub offering traditional food from the county in are in, join in with a local sing song, walk around a traditional village fate, walk along sandy beaches, watch a punch and Judy show, a treat old or young, have fish and chips on the pier, take a donkey ride along the beach, visit some the country’s most important heritage sites, Tour and explore serene gardens, bursting with colourful fauna and flora, visit England's finest country houses, Castles, Keeps, monstrosities, Cottages, villages, sea side towns, breweries, steeped in history, and of the families that live in them today and in the past.

Exploring England

England has a rich maritime history The Maritime history of England involves events including shipping, ports, navigation, and seamen, as well as marine sciences, exploration, trade, and maritime themes in the arts of England.

Until the advent of air transport and the creation of the Channel Tunnel, marine transport was the only way of reaching the rest of Europe from England and for this reason, maritime trade and naval power have always had great importance.

 If you are a water sport enthusiasts there are vast expanse of lakes, rivers, canals and the sea to choose from, watch out for the birds and wild animals, as you cruise through a timeless landscape of sparkling waterways, villages, towns and cities.

  • England has three genres of fishing, or angling as it is commonly known:

Coarse, Game and Sea.

  • Coarse angling is fishing for any species of fish other than those that live in the sea and Trout and Salmon.

Game fishing pertains to the pursuit of Trout and Salmon.

Sea fishing as its name suggests is fishing for species that inhabit the sea.

The country has an impressive selection of fishing for you to try,

 At the other end of England is Carlisle this a city and the county town of Cumbria. Historically in Cumberland, it is also the administrative centre of the City of Carlisle district in North West England. Carlisle is located at the confluence of the rivers Eden, Caldew and Petteril, 10 miles south of the Scottish border.

 You can take a train from Cornwall to Carlisle via Plymouth and Birmingham it will take around 9 h 10 min.

Alternatively, you can take a bus from Cornwall to Carlisle via Plymouth Coach Station, it will take around 14 h 5 min.

Staying In and Around England

Staying in England and its surrounding areas may be a great experience because there is such a vast selection of places to see and places to stay to choose from. Whether you are a local searching for a staycation or a tourist from another country, the following are some suggestions and advice for places to stay inside England and its surrounding areas:

Alternatives for Overnight Stays:

Hotels: England has a diverse selection of hotels, ranging from five-star establishments to more affordable options. The variety of options available is staggering in major cities such as London, Manchester, and Birmingham.
Bed and breakfasts, also known as B&Bs: Spend some time in a bed and breakfast in the traditional English style. These can be discovered in urban areas as well as in more rural settings.
Vacation Cottages Renting a vacation cottage in the English countryside might make for a quaint and peaceful place to spend your time away from home.
Hostels: If you're travelling on a tight budget, you might want to look into lodging in one of the numerous cities that has hostels.
Airbnb: There are a large number of listings for Airbnb all throughout England, each providing a one-of-a-kind lodging experience.
Destinations in High Demand:

The nation's capital city, London, is a must-see destination thanks to its many famous landmarks, such as the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and the British Museum.
Although Edinburgh is not located in England, it is only a few hours distant by rail and features gorgeous architecture in addition to a rich history.
The Lake District is a place that is perfect for anyone who enjoy being outside because of its stunning mountains, lakes, and quaint villages.
Cornwall is famous for its breathtaking coastline as well as its quaint little villages.
Visit the Cotswolds to get a feel for the traditional English countryside, complete with thatched-roof houses and undulating hills.
Discover the rich history of Oxford and Cambridge by visiting these two university towns.
York is famous for its mediaeval city walls and magnificent cathedral, which is called York Minster.
The Means of Transport:

Trains: There is a vast train network that connects the major cities and regions of the country in an effective manner.
Buses: Coaches and buses are also an option for those who are travelling on a budget.
Consider renting a car if you wish to go to more isolated places, as this will give you more freedom to go.
What to Eat and Drink:

Breakfasts in England typically consist of a variety of meats and vegetables, including bacon, eggs, sausage and black pudding.
Fish and chips, roast dinners, and pies are some of the traditional delicacies that you should try.
You might sample a traditional afternoon tea with scones and clotted cream, or you can relax with a pint of beer.
Various pursuits:

Pay a visit to the museums, art galleries, and historical places.
Discover the natural wonders of picturesque coastal locations and national parks by going on an excursion.
Attend musical events or plays in London's West End. This district is known for its performing arts.
Take part in quintessentially English activities like cricket and drinking tea, for example.
Considerations Regarding the Weather:

The weather in England is often unpredictable. Rain can fall at any time of the year, so you should always be prepared for it and pack accordingly.
Making an Advance Reservation:

It is recommended to make lodging and transportation reservations in advance when travelling to well-known tourist locations or during high-demand travel times.
Considerations Regarding COVID-19

Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of the most recent COVID-19 guidelines and limits, as they can change at any time.
Keep in mind that England has a long history and a wide variety of cultures; as a result, you should make the effort to travel throughout the country and become familiar with the distinctive personality of each area. There is plenty for everyone to do in and around England, regardless of whether your interests lie in history, the outdoors, or the lively culture of the cities.

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A Memorable Sojourn in the Heart of England
 · 1 month ago  ·  Natural History Museum
Your review
I was recently given the opportunity to spend some time in England, and it was an adventure that I will remember for the rest of my life. My tour was nothing short of fantastic, from the crowded streets of London to the peaceful countryside of the Cotswolds, where I ended my trip.
My decision to stay in a quaint bed & breakfast located in a picture-perfect village in the Cotswolds served as the inspiration for the entirety of my vacation. The warm and inviting space, which was tastefully decorated in a classic English style, served as a calming retreat from the hectic pace of everyday life.
Discovering England was like opening a door to a new world. The city of London, a bustling metropolis, was an ideal example of how history and modernity can coexist harmoniously. I was completely taken aback by well-known sights such as the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace. Another pleasure was the local cuisine, which ranged from hearty breakfasts to scrumptious pies served in quaint pubs, and I got to try all of it.

On the other hand, the Cotswolds were like something out of a bucolic fantasy brought to life. A timeless atmosphere was produced by the picturesque villages, which had cottages with thatched roofs, rolling hills, and flowing streams. I was able to completely submerge myself in the serene English way of life by going on walks in the picturesque English countryside and visiting its quaint market towns.
When it comes to transport:
The train network makes travelling between cities a breeze; however, if the prices were a little more wallet-friendly, it would be even more convenient to travel by train. The decision to rent a car for my trip into the countryside was a good one because it gave me the freedom to go off the main path.

Conditions outside:
Rain showers came and went throughout England, living up to the country's reputation for having fickle weather. Nevertheless, because of this, the trip was filled with unexpected twists and turns, and I was prepared for them by bringing along rain gear.

Voici some things to do:
Both the destinations and the activities were very different from one another. I marvelled at the artwork at the British Museum, enjoyed a peaceful boat trip on the River Thames, and saw a Shakespearean performance at the Globe Theatre. When I was in the Cotswolds, I went on lengthy walks around the countryside and explored historic castles, all while taking in the region's stunning nature.

Experience Taken as a Whole:
Spending time in England proved to be an exhilarating journey that offered the ideal combination of buzzing city life and peaceful countryside retreats. Everyone I talked to was kind and helpful, and I never once had the impression that I wasn't welcome anywhere I went. This excursion offered the ideal balance of cultural experiences, historical insights, and wonderful scenery.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a trip that would broaden your horizons and deepen your knowledge, I strongly suggest going to England. It doesn't matter if you're interested in history, food, architecture, or the great outdoors; England has a wide variety of activities that you may participate in and enjoy. My time spent in England has provided me with experiences that will stick with me forever, and I long to go back there soon to do even more exploring.
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