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  • Luskentyre Latitude 57.8880° N Longitude -6.9478° W
  • Luskentyre Postcode HS3
  • Luskentyre WOEID 27246
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Luskentyre is an interesting village on a side road off the A859 at about 7 miles from Tarbert on south Harris on the beach lined estuary of the Laxdale river. Behind it lie two substantial hills, Ben Luskentyre (1,529 ft) and Beinn Dhubh (1,654 ft), in the south Harris (Deer) Forest golden eagles, ravens and, of course, red deer may be seen here, and there are steep cliffs overlooking West Loch Tarbert. There is much peat-cutting, and in the early summer crofters may be seen busy at this annual task, and what a splendid warmth and unforgettable aroma is produced by the end product!

Luskentyre is one of the places associated with the origin of the Dunvegan Cup, a treasure of the MacLeods of MacLeod at their Castle in Skye.

The cup is a square wooden mazer of Gaelic form, enriched by ornamentation in chased silver, once set with gems, and an inscription dates it as made in I493, but tradition has it that the cup belonged to a King of Erin who fell fighting the Norsemen in the 9th century, the Harris tradition, however, maintains that this was a Fairy Cup, snatched by one Lurran, son of a witch who lived on a farm at Luskentyre, when he pursued the fairies who had been killing his foster-brother’s cattle to their dun and joined in their feast.

His witch-mother protected him with spells, but one day he went out without her knowledge. and was killed by the fairies. The Witch then gave the cup to her foster son, who was in turn killed by his brother on suspicion of killing the cattle, whereupon the witch complained to the MacLeod Chief, who promptly killed the murderer, seized his possession. and took the cup back to Dunvegan. But of course, apart from this revelation that fairies are not all good fairies, the history of the MacLeods is full of fairy stories, many of them surprisingly factual.

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