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Lochcarron Visitor Information Guide

9 months 3 weeks ago #82 by gazer
Lochcarron Latitude: 57.397704 Longitude: -5.503079
Lochcarron Postcode
Lochcarron Map
Lochcarron 4 day weather forecast
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  • Lochcarron Latitude: 57.397704 Longitude: -5.503079
  • Lochcarron Postcode
  • Lochcarron Map
  • Lochcarron 4 day weather forecast
  • Lochcarron Reviews

Lochcarron, is a long inlet of the sea, feeds an area that combines the old and the new. The village of Lochcarron, which straggles along the north shore of the loch, was once an important fishing community.

A 19th century comment sets the scene in former times: In a calm evening, when hundreds of boats are seen shooting their nets, and scores of vessels lying at anchor, Loch Carron exhibits a scene of rural beauty On the shore of the loch south-west of Loch­carron is Strome, boasting the ruins of Strome Castle, blown up after a clan feud in 1602. Strome has two places in Highland history.

In 1881 the SS Ferret, a ferry owned by the Highland Rail­way, was 'hired' by a James Henderson, alias Smith, who exceeded the conditions of his con­tract and made off with the ship, a coaster of 346 tons. She sailed to South America, Africa and finally Australia where, though under a different name, she and her pirate crew were arrested and eventually sentenced.

In June 1873 two steamers arrived at Strome with cargoes of fish, which were unloaded. At any other time of the week this activity would have passed without comment.

But the time was one o'clock on a Sunday morning, 50 locals appeared on the scene, took possession of the pier, stopped the unloading and blockaded the ships. The following day a party of six policemen arrived but were unable to cope with the situa­tion. The affair blew up to such proportions that 160 policemen were drafted in from as far away as Lanark and Elgin, to cope with the mass rally of 2000 people on the following Sunday. The situa­tion was resolved by local ministers who. By their intervention, prevented what might have become a sore and bloody affair.

Lochcarron is situated in the region of Ross and Cromarty a fishing village which is on the sea loch of Loch Carron. and is where the road to Applecross and Shieldaig leaves the lochside road.

At the head of the loch is Glen Carron, which includes Achnashellach Forest, one of the earliest acquisitions of the Forestry Commission and the scene of research into bog-reclamtttion since 1921.

The Nature Conservancy Council has its Allt Nan Carnan reserve 2 miles north west of Lochcarron, where a mile long thickly wooded gorge cuts through calcareous and non-calcareous rock, plant life is rich and varied and studies are being made of the relationships of the plants with rock type, shade and moisture. This is a picturesque district with fine view's of Skye across the water.

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