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Arisaig Visitor Information Guide

9 months 1 week ago #8 by gazer
Arisaig: Postcode PH39
Arisaig: 56.9101° N Longitude: -5.8427° W
Arisaig: WOEID...

  • Arisaig: Postcode PH39
  • Arisaig: 56.9101° N Longitude: -5.8427° W
  • Arisaig: WOEID 11012
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While visiting Arisaig you can take advantage of the wonderful outdoor activities on offer taking great advantage of the beautiful beaches with all the activities associated and great hikes through beautiful vistas.

ARISAIG, This village can be reached on the highway A830 (some- times known as the 'Road to the Isles') that runs between Fort William to the east and Malhaig to the north, and a railway station connecting all three on the West Highland Line.

Arisaig has a post office, general store, restaurant, cafe, hotel with bar, and marina popular with tourists, the road takes the tourist through some of the most beautiful scenery, with some of the best views of the Inner Hebrides.

Most noticeable is the prospect of the Island of Eigg, and Cuillins of Sky. Arisaig with its nearby sands has often been captured by landscape painters throughout the centuries, The tower of Arisaig a Catholic church and a local landmark, it has a clock in the tower put up in memory of Alasdair mac Mhaighstir Alasdair, who was a revered Scottish Gaelic language poet and political writer of the 18th century, who served as a Jacobite military officer, and Gaelic tutor to Bonnie prince Charlie he took part in the Jacobite Rising of 1745. On the 20th of September Bonnie prince Charlie left Scotland for France after the defeat of the Jacobite uprising the site from which he left has been marked by the princes cairn.

Arisaig offers a good selection of Bed and Breakfast accommodation in Guest houses hotels and local homes. Owners can advertise there holiday accommodation in Arisaig free.

You can enjoy plenty of activities in and around the area with lovely beaches for canoeing, fishing and much more for the visitor to enjoy.

Within Arisaig you will find several bed and breakfast establishments to suit most travellers, The village of Arisaig known as the (the Safe Place) is situated within the sheltered of Loch nan Ceall (Loch of the Cells) on the west coast of the Scottish Highlands, situated at the base of rocky Creag Mhor, the Sgurr an t’Sasunnaich (peak of the Englishman) and the Sgurr an Albanaich (peak of the Scotsman). It spreads west along the Rhu road and north along the shore towards Morar.

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