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Craigellachie Visitor Information Guide

4 weeks 10 hours ago #235 by gazer
Craigellachie Postcode AB38
Craigellachie Latitude: 57.4910° N Longitude: 3.1892° W

  • Craigellachie Postcode AB38
  • Craigellachie Latitude 57.4910° N Longitude -3.1892° W
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Craigellachie lies some 2 miles east of Charlestown or Aberlour at the junction of the Fiddich and the Spey. It is a terraced village with a large hotel, a distillery and two large cooperages.

One of the most beautiful villages in Moray, it faces directly across meadowland and a wooded island on the river to Craigellachie Rock, the Lower Craigellachie as distinct from the Upper Craigellachic at Aviemore which marks the nether boundary of Strathspey and the lands of the Clan Grant. Whose War cry ‘Stand fast, Craigellachie!‘ is famous in song and story. Dramatically placed at the base of this precipitous crag, where pine trees spring from every crevice in the naked quartz, is Thomas Telford’s famous Craigellachie Bridge, a single- span iron structure forming an arch of gossamer like tracery over a pool of the Spey, with two circular, stone, battle mented turrets at either end. Use our search for holiday accommodation in Craigellachie

The bridge, a monument of outstanding architectural interest, has been replaced as the main river crossing in the area by a new bridge set some distance lower down the river.

Even more photographed than this spectacular bridge is the View up the Spey from Tunnel Brae, about 0.5 miles along the wooded road from Craigellachie to Aberlour probably the most majestic of all the on the Spey Valley.

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