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Cruden Bay Visitor Information Guide

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Cruden Bay Postcode AB42
Cruden Bay Latitude 57.4181° N Longitude...

  • Cruden Bay Postcode AB42
  • Cruden Bay Latitude 57.4181° N Longitude -1.8508° W
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Cruden Bay Aberdeenshire, up to the Second World War was notable for a vast hotel and at fine golf course, both fed by the railway with Families of visitors from the south, the railway and that hotel have both since gone, but the golf course remains, and new forms of holiday accommodation have arisen But Cruden Bay is now perhaps best known as the landfall for the oil pipeline from the North Sea Forties Field, the flow from here to Grange Mouth and thence to Dalmieny and Hound Point having been switched on by the Queen in a ceremony at Dyce in November 1975.

This landfall at the south end of the bay, and the inland site containing two large safety storage tanks which prevent a shut-down of the production rig should difficulties occur in the landward pipeline, have been so carefully landscaped that no appreciable change obtrudes on the area.

On the point to the north of the bay stands the ruins of the ‘new’ or second Slains Castle, ancestral home of the Earls of Erroll, where Dr Johnson and Boswell stayed in 1773, the latter recording that ‘Mr Johnson said the prospect here was the noblest he had ever seen - better than Mount Edgcumbe, reckoned the first in England". (Johnson, it may be gently noted, still had much Scotland to see.) The wordy pair also visited the Bullers of Buchan, gigantic rocks surrounding a large circular basin, a little north of Cruden Bay.

The entrance to the Bullers’ Pot is so narrow that only a rowing boat with oars taken inboard may enter. and the water so turbulent that Dr Johnson described it as a “monstrous cauldron".

A century ago the village of Bullers of Buchan at the base of the promontory was supported by sixteen fishing boats; now only the delightful village remains. There are great gatherings of sea birds in this area and it is popular with rock climbers.

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