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Dufftown Visitor Information Guide

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Dufftown Postcode AB55
Dufftown Latitude: 57.4436° N Longitude: -3.1284° W

  • Dufftown Postcode AB55
  • Dufftown Latitude: 57.4436° N Longitude: -3.1284° W
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Supply of whisky's three main ingredients good barley, peat, and an ample supply of suitable water: and it was significant proof of the continually rising demand for Scotch that, despite the prevailing economic stringency.

In November 1975 yet another new distillery went into production. This plant, Allt a Bhainne (the Milk Burn), costing £2,000,000 and with a capacity of 1,000,000 proof-gallons, is 4 miles from Dufftown on the slopes of Ben Rinnes, where it is landscaped and much use made off freestone granite.

But while the enthusiast for pure malt had to wait a few years before he may sample this new product. there are plenty of others available before they go off to be blended.

And there is much of interest and many excellent facilities for the visitor to Dufftown along with a selection of holiday accommodation to select including hotels of all types B&B offering budget to boutique and self catering accommodation.

Dufftown was laid out in 1817 by the 4th Earl of Fife in the form of a cross with a square in the centre and a Tolbooth Tower.

Directly to the south of the town in the vale of the Dullan is the ancient parish church of Mortlach, It is said on this site that in 1010 King Malcolm ll, after marching down the SPEY and camping with his army in the Queen's Haugh at Carron routed an army of Scandinavian invaders, and thereafter fulfilled a pious vow to extend the existing church by three spears length.

The tradition is that St Moluag, from the island of Lisiviore had come to the spot in the year A.D. 566, setting up a church, a school. and a farm. 

What is called the Battle Stone is undoubtedly much older than King Malcolm's victory; it stands over 7 ft high and has Christian symbols on both sides.

In 1923 a still older stone, called the Elephant Stone, was unearthed in the churchyard; it is now preserved within the church. Mortlaeh is also said to have been the original site of the see of the bishopric transferred to Aberdeen in 1124 by David I Dufftown's two other major antiquities are the Castles of Balvenie and Auchindoun, both in the care of the Department of the Environment, but the latter is not open to the public. Balvenie stands above the Fiddieh as one of the earliest stone castles in Scotland, with the form of a quadrangular court 150 ft by 130 ft enclosed by high curtain walls 7 ft thick. ln the 13th century when it belonged to the Comyns, the living-rooms of the Castle were at the north west and south east sides of the courtyard.

From the ‘Black Douglases’, who owned it after the Comyns, it passed after 1455 to John Stewart. lst Earl of Atholl. It was the Stewarts who in the 16th century gave Balvenie the shape it has today by demolishing the entire south east front and building instead a three storey Renaissance tower house, known as the Atholl Building because it was erected by John 4th Earl of Atholl. between 1542 and 1550.

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