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Weisdale Visitor Information Guide

1 month 1 week ago #212 by gazer
Weisdale Postcode ZE2
Weisdale Latitude: 60.2534° N Longitude: 1.2917° W
Weisdale Reviews

  • Weisdale Postcode ZE2
  • Weisdale Latitude: 60.2534° N Longitude: -1.2917° W
  • Weisdale Reviews
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Weisdale in the central part of Mainland, some 6 miles north of Scalloway was the birthplace of John Clunies Ross, who became the uncrowned King of the Cocos Islands. He was born in 1786, the son of a schoolmaster George Clunies, whose great grandfather had fled to Shetland after the l7l5 Rising in Scotland, his mother was a member of the Ross family of Sound, landowners and fish curers.

In 1799 he joined a whaler seeking a crew in Shetland, rose to be mate and in his twenties left whaling to become skipper of an East Indies brig.

A skilled craftsman, he designed and built a large sailing ship, but while skippering it he fell foul of the Press Gang in an English port and eluded them only by dashing into a house which proved friendly, in fact he married the daughter. With a family to support, he decided to emigrate and chose the Cocos Islands.

Under his management the island flourished and his sovereignty was recognized by Queen Victoria: on his death in 1854 his reign was assumed by his son and in turn by his descendants.

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