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Sullom Visitor Information Guide

1 month 1 week ago #209 by gazer
Sullom Voe Latitude: 60.460722 Longitude: -1.313476
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  • Sullom Voe Latitude: 60.460722 Longitude: -1.313476
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Sullom Voe the deep, well-sheltered arm of the sea which penetrates nearly 8 miles from Yell Sound into the Shetland Mainland some 12 miles north from Lerwick, was an important base for flying-boats of Royal Air Force Coastal Command and anchorage for ships of the Royal and Allied Navies during the Second World War: recently it has again become a familiar name wherever oil is used and discussed, as it is well on the way to being the largest oil port in Britain and probably in Europe.

Discoveries of oil in the waters off Shetland were rapid and dramatic, but fortunately the former County Council had taken practical steps to safeguard the interests and amenities of Shetland as soon as it became clear that a major oil base must be built there, Sullum Voe, thanks to its very deep Water and shape, can accommodate the largest tankers afloat, so a vast oil stabilization and storage terminal has been built at Calbaek Ness, on the east side of its entrance, for crude oil pumped through submarine pipelines from a number of offshore fields. The tankers load at jetties along the west shore of Calback Ness to transport the oil to refineries in Britain and elsewhere.

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