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Scalloway Visitor Information Guide

1 month 1 week ago #208 by gazer
Scalloway Postcode ZE1
Scalloway Latitude 60.1377° N Longitude -1.2822° W
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  • Scalloway Postcode ZE1
  • Scalloway Latitude 60.1377° N Longitude -1.2822° W
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Scalloway the former capital of Shetland, has a place in contemporary history as a base for the famous ‘Shetland bus" operations during the Second World War, in which small Norwegian fishing boats crossed to Nazi occupied Norway to carry out sabotage or to land secret agents and bring back refugees, a bronze plaque at nearby Lunna commemorates the project.

On the west of the Mainland, and a mere 3 miles from Lerwick on the east coast, Scalloway is set in an attractive bay at the southern extremity of the well farmed valley of Tingwall, so called because the site of the old Norse parliament or 'ting' is at the north end of Tingwall Loch. It is overlooked by the ruins of the castle of the notorious Earl Patrick Stewart who tyrannized Shetland. as he did Orkney, in the late 16th and early 17th century Scalloway has a quiet, old-world atmosphere, although it is a busy fishing and ship repair centre, with three modern fish-processing plants. In this district may be seen true Shetland ponies, 3.5 ft or less in height, with rough shaggy coats and so hardy that they even winter on the hills.

There is good trout fishing on Tingwall Loch.

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