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Kinneff visitor information guide

7 months 13 hours ago #17 by gazer
Kinneff Latitude 56.8644° N Longitude -2.2379° W
Kinneff Postcode DD10  
Kinneff WOEID...

  • Kinneff Latitude 56.8644° N Longitude -2.2379° W
  • Kinneff Postcode DD10  
  • Kinneff WOEID 25275
  • Kinneff Map
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Kinneff, Kincardineshire Between Inverbervie and Dunnottar the main road to the north passes through the united parishes of Kinneff and Catterline. Kinneff a special niche in Scottish history, for it was the place where, during the Cromwellian occupation, the Honours of Scotland, the regalia consisting of the crown, sceptre, and sword of state were safely concealed beneath the pulpit of an ancient parish church and denied to the usurping power of the Commonwealth soldiery.

That church survived into the first quarter of the 18th century It was described as ‘a very old fabric, the walls there of being supported by eight strong buttress of stone and the roof by pillars of wood so that probably it is the oldest country church presently possessed and in use of any in Scotland.

But unfortunately, it was demolished and superseded in 1738 by the present old parish church. where the visitors’ book bears witness to the hundreds of pilgrims who view the memorials within it to the Rev. James Grainger, the parish minister who buried the regalia, and to Sir George Ogilvy of Barras, who as Governor of Dunnottar castle, had discharged his trust by denying the honours to the invader.

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