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Balearic Islands Move Away From Budget British Tourists Effecting Locals

6 months 4 weeks ago #375 by gazer
Residents of Mallorca and Ibiza are suffering as a result of Spain's decision to shun "budget" British tourists in favour of "upmarket" vacationers, as they are now forced to live in vans because they are unable to keep up with rising rent costs.

Balearic island locals expressed concern about how they would "survive" and afford to rent or buy houses in the face of rising prices brought on by a shift towards affluent travellers who can afford more expensive residences.

Many are already considering how to survive, said Rona Pineda, 32, who lives in a two-bedroom flat in Mallorca with a couple. "These days, finding a place to live is quite tough if you make a normal salary."

After Lucia Escribano's declaration that her industry leaders "are not interested in having budget tourists from the UK," the comments were made in an effort by Mallorca to distance itself from its reputation as a destination for cheap drinks and beach parties.

Rent and housing expenses have "skyrocketed" as a result of this shift away from "budget" British tourists and towards "upmarket" visitors from countries like France, Italy, and the Netherlands.

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