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Visit Dunure Castle Dunure Castle Holiday Accommodation Guide, The Castle is to be found situated on the west coast of Scotland, approximately eight kilometres south of Ayr and close to the town of Dunure. The crumbling castle can be found at this point perched atop a rocky outcrop on the coast of Carrick, with a view of the port of Dunure.Dunure was the first place that the Kennedy family, who were once the lords of Carrick and later became the Earls of Cassillis, called home. The...

Dalquharran Castle Holiday Accommodation
Dalquharran Castle Holiday Accommodation

Dalquharran Castle Top Visitor Attractions Ranked and Reviewed

Visiting Dalquharran Castle

Dalquharran Castle, which was constructed by Robert Adam and can be found in South Ayrshire, Scotland, was included in the United Kingdom's National Register of Historic Places in the 1790s. Located roughly 0.8 kilometres south-east of Dalquharran, to the south of the B741 at Dailly, on the northern bank of the Water of Girvan, and north of the village of Dailly. You are approximately 6 miles north-east of Girvan if you use these coordinates, or 5.5 miles south and west of Maybole if you use those ones. Discover the castle and surrounding accommodation with stay4you.com

The ruins of Dalquharran Castle date back to the 15th century and feature a round tower in one of the castle's four corners. It stands at a height of three floors and contains a garret that is corbelled out and crenellated within its parapet. The floor plan is in the shape of an L. The castle, which had been redesigned and expanded in the latter half of the 17th century, was surrounded by stunning grounds and gardens. The ceilings are extremely high in the cellar.


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Reviewing Dalquharran Castle

  • Dalquharran Castle Postcode KA26 9SW
  • Dalquharran Castle Geolocation Latitude 55.2832° N Longitude -4.7249° W
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  • Discover Scotland Accommodation 

There is an extremely limited amount of information regarding the history of the castle during the 14th and 15th centuries. It appears to have started out as a single defensive tower and progressively grown into a gated compound replete with a hall house and watch tower over the course of time. The existing defended clifftop location of the fort was later strengthened by the construction of a chapel, a south range, a six-story keep, and additional exterior defences.

At the year 1429, John Mhor Macdonald, representing the Lords of the Isles, and James Campbell, representing King James I, met in Dunure to attempt to reconcile their differences and find a solution. During the course of the discussion, violence broke out, which ultimately resulted in Macdonald's death.

The older castle was demolished around 1790 and replaced by a brand new residence known as Dalquharran House. This large castellated building features a circular tower and a central stairwell, just like Culzean Castle does. Robert Adam was responsible for designing the corbelled-out and battlemented parapet that tops the walls of this castellated edifice. The structure was extended by adding on to it around the year 1881; however, as a result of the increasing debts incurred by the growing family, it was thereafter used as a youth hostel and a school for the deaf. In the 1960s, the roof of the house was blown off, and the occupants stole all of the treasures within. These days, the house is a ruin that has been taken over by vegetation.
On Blaeu's map, the name "Dalwharra Cast." refers to a big castle that is comprised of three towers and is surrounded by forests.
The Kennedy of Culzean family had ownership of both Dalquharran Castles 1 and 2.

Top Attractions In And Around Dalquharran Castle

Dalquharran Castle, situated in South Ayrshire, Scotland, is a site of historical significance and renowned for its picturesque beauty. The castle is currently in a state of disrepair and is not accessible to the public. However, the surrounding area provides various attractions and points of interest for visitors to discover. Below are several notable attractions located in and around Dalquharran Castle:

Glenapp Castle is a luxury hotel located in close proximity to Dalquharran Castle. Although the hotel itself may not be considered a tourist attraction, it does offer a noteworthy feature in the form of its stunning gardens and grounds, which are accessible to the general public. One can partake in a leisurely walk through the gardens and potentially indulge in a traditional afternoon tea experience at the castle.

Culzean Castle, a property managed by the National Trust for Scotland, is conveniently located a short distance away from Dalquharran Castle. The castle is situated on a stunning cliff-top location and boasts expansive gardens. Visitors have the opportunity to partake in guided tours and delve into the castle's fascinating historical background.

Ayr: The town of Ayr offers a diverse selection of attractions, such as Ayr Beach, the Burns National Heritage Park, and a multitude of shops, restaurants, and pubs. Ayr is notable for being the birthplace of the renowned Scottish poet Robert Burns.

The Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, located just outside of Ayr, is a museum that focuses on the life and literary contributions of Robert Burns. The location is highly recommended for individuals with a keen interest in Scottish literature and history.

The Ayrshire Coastal Path is a long-distance walking path that extends along the Ayrshire coastline. It provides breathtaking views and ample opportunities for hiking and observing wildlife. The Dalquharran Castle area provides access to multiple sections of the path.

Heads of Ayr Farm Park is a family-oriented destination that offers a range of engaging experiences for children, including opportunities to interact with farm animals, explore play areas, and participate in various activities. The distance between Dalquharran Castle and the destination is relatively close.

Ayrshire is known for its exceptional cycling routes, providing an opportunity to discover the stunning countryside and coastal areas surrounding Dalquharran Castle.

Maidens is a small village situated on the coast, known for its notable features such as Maidens Harbour and a picturesque golf course that offers scenic views of the sea.

Girvan is a coastal town that provides various dining options, a beach, and opportunities for fishing and other water-related activities.

Ballantrae is a coastal village that boasts a picturesque harbour. It is renowned for its scenic beauty and offers various walking trails for visitors to explore.

It is advisable to verify the operating hours and accessibility of the attractions in the vicinity of Dalquharran Castle, as they may be subject to seasonal variations. The user expresses their anticipation and excitement for discovering the aesthetic and historical aspects of this specific region in Scotland.

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