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Monday, 07 February 2022 05:48

Visiting Oldshoremore Beach Oldshoremore beach Kinlochbervie Scotland. This is a scattered crofting hamlet in the Eddrachillis parish of Sutherland with a beautiful quiet beach, very peaceful and almost deserted, the views breathtaking, well off the beaten track, add 5-10 degrees Celsius and you might as well be in the Caribbean, Just blue seas, long stretch of postcard white sand and the views over the Minch to keep you company. The beach is linked to two other smaller beaches with...

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Arkle Mountain in Sutherland, Scotland
Arkle Mountain in Sutherland, Scotland
Arkle Mountain in Sutherland, Scotland
Lochinver Sutherland
Melvich Sutherland
Stoer Sutherland
Dunrobin Castle
Dunrobin Castle
Dunrobin Castle
Dunrobin Castle
Dunrobin Castle
Dunrobin Castle
Loch Eriboll
Loch Eriboll
Loch Eriboll
Smoo Cave Water Fall
Smoo Cave
Smoo Cave
Cape Wrath
Cape Wrath

Cape Wrath Top Visitor Attractions Ranked and Reviewed

Visiting Cape Wrath

Cape Wrath is a large moorland wilderness area that is entirely located in one spot. Both the Orkney Islands and the Western Isles are visible while looking in the opposite direction, to the north-east and south-west, respectively. In the region known as the Highlands of Scotland, the county of Sutherland is where you'll find some of the most breathtaking and spectacular views of both the land and the sea, along with some dramatic beaches.

Cape Wrath Visitor Information and Accommodation Guide helping you make the most of your vacation in the Sutherland area. Cape Wrath is the most north ­westerly point on the Scottish mainland. There is no access for cars, but a ferry is met by a minibus which takes visitors to Cape Wrath lighthouse. The name is derived from the Old Norse hoarf.


January 18, 2021

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Reviewing Cape Wrath Guide

  • Cape Wrath Latitude 58.6255° N Longitude -4.9987° W
  • Cape Wrath Postcode IV27
  • Cape Wrath Map
  • Cape Wrath Weather Forecast
  • Cape Wrath Reviews

The cape is the most north-western point in mainland Britain, and it is separated from the rest of the mainland by the Kyle of Durness. It comprises of 107 square miles of moorland wildness that is known as the Parph.

At the point where the north and west coasts of Scotland meet, you'll find one of the most recognisable landmarks in all of Britain.

The well-known NC500 route passes through the village, which is located on the A836 road, to the west of the town centre of Tongue and Thurso, and features grocery stores, a swimming pool, a fitness centre, and a bowling green. Thurso High School is where students can get their secondary education, and the University of the Highlands and Islands is also located nearby, making it convenient for students who want to pursue higher education.

Enjoy your stay in this charming three-bedroom detached holiday bungalow that is located in a sought-after location in North West Sutherland. Offering beautiful views over the sea or a loch, this is an ideal holiday property in a beautiful and scenic area that is situated in the far northwestern corner of Scotland, an area that is known for mountain climbing and hill walking.

In addition to Primary and Secondary Schools, Kinlochbervie also has a Pre-School and a Nursery School for younger students.

This area is located close to the wild north coast and a number of sandy beaches and local services, and it is filled with a variety of shops selling handmade goods, general stores, and a number of hotels and restaurants.

Find activities such as fishing, shooting, pony tracking, tennis, running and walking, climbing facilities, cycling, water sports, golf, indoor games, squash, fitness centres, swimming pools, health suites, spas, and restaurants that are priced to accommodate a variety of budgets.

In addition, Kinlochbervie is home to a well-known and acclaimed fish market.
The golf course at Durness is the most northerly golf course on the mainland of the United Kingdom.
Within the town itself, there is access to dependable rail, coach, and bus transportation that can take you in any direction on the compass. The John O' Groats Airports, which provide flights throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, are a thirty-minute drive from Wick and may be reached by car in that amount of time.

This location serves as an excellent home base from which to explore the Orkney Islands and the northern coast of Scotland.

Enjoy spectacular sunsets, world-class surfing, three outstanding golf courses, a castle dating back to the 12th century, and if you're a runner or biker, there are some terrific paths with fabulous views to explore.

Visit the Northern Highlands and Islands while staying in a bed & breakfast in the bustling tiny town of Thurso, which is a fantastic base from which to explore the region.

Discover some of the best restaurants in the area right here.

People stay in Thurso before taking a day cruise out to the Orkney Islands from nearby Scrabster Harbour in order to take advantage of Thurso East, which is considered to be the best surfing break in Britain and draws surfers from all over the world.

Birdwatching, seal watching, the Castle of Mey, Pictish buildings, and loads of other things to see and do with a group of friends or family are just some of the activities that can be experienced in the region.

Spend your nights in the quaint hamlet of Kylesku, which is located smack dab in the middle of Sutherland, at a well-established and popular bed and breakfast. Nestled along the beach where Loch Glencoul and Loch Gleann Dubh meet, the property enjoys an unobstructed view of the water and is surrounded by breathtaking surroundings.

This region is accessible only by travelling through some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the Scottish Highlands, and as a result, it is a very popular tourist destination. There is a wide variety of outdoor pursuits available right on your doorstep, including hill walking, fishing, and bird watching. The Eas a Chual Aliunn is the highest waterfall in the United Kingdom, and the Kylesku bridge is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful bridges in the world.

The closest amenities may be found in Lochinver or Ullapool, and they consist of a supermarket, hotels, cafes, bank, Post Office, and a limited range of retail establishments, in addition to a ferry port that serves as a gateway to the Western Isles.

In addition, the NC 500 passes by not far away.

It takes roughly two hours to drive to Inverness, which is the primary business and commercial centre in the Highlands. Inverness provides substantial shopping, recreational, and entertainment facilities in addition to excellent road, train, and air connectivity to the South and beyond.

Top Attractions In And Around Cape Wrath

Cape Wrath is a headland in the far northwestern corner of mainland Scotland. It is known for its remote and rugged terrain. It is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty and attracts many visitors who are looking for untouched and untamed landscapes. These are some popular attractions in and around Cape Wrath:

The Cape Wrath Lighthouse is a popular attraction. It offers panoramic views of the coastline and the North Atlantic Ocean and has historical significance. To reach the lighthouse, take a minibus from the Cape Wrath ferry drop-off point.

The Cape Wrath Ferry ride is an experience. The journey departs from Keodale and provides a scenic route across the Kyle of Durness, allowing for potential wildlife sightings of seals and seabirds.

Durness is located a short distance south of Cape Wrath. In this location, you can discover stunning beaches such as Sango Bay, Smoo Cave, and Balnakeil Craft Village, which is renowned for its artisan shops.

Sandwood Bay is a secluded beach located a few miles southeast of Cape Wrath. It is known for its untouched beauty, featuring pristine sands and dunes. The walk to the beach goes through moorland and provides stunning views.

Cape Wrath and its surrounding areas have abundant wildlife. Watch for seabirds, deer, and different types of marine life. Dolphins and whales can be seen off the coast.

The Cape Wrath Trail is a hiking route that goes from Fort William to Cape Wrath. The trek is challenging and rewarding, suitable for experienced hikers. It traverses remote and beautiful landscapes in Scotland.

Eriboll is a location known for its deep, sheltered harbour and beautiful scenery, situated in the southeast. The place is suitable for relaxation, enjoying the views, and gaining knowledge about the local history.

"The Parph" is a rocky promontory that provides breathtaking cliffside views of the sea and is an ideal location for birdwatching.

Explore the area's history by taking guided tours or visiting historical sites related to the Cape Wrath Training Area, which was used for military training during WWII.

Cape Wrath is an excellent spot for stargazing due to its remote location. In optimal conditions, the dark skies provide an opportunity to observe stars, planets, and the Northern Lights.

Please remember that Cape Wrath is difficult to reach and may be inaccessible at times due to its rugged terrain and harsh weather conditions. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, it is crucial to carefully plan your visit, including checking ferry schedules and considering guided tours.


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A Wild and Enchanting Adventure at Cape Wrath
 · 1 month ago  ·  Cape Wrath
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Cape Wrath in Scotland is a captivating and untamed slice of nature that I recently visited. The remote location and rugged beauty made a lasting impression on my travels.

Cape Wrath Lighthouse (★★★★★): A historic and beautiful beacon. The views from this vantage point are awe-inspiring. The isolation and crashing waves are unforgettable.

Cape Wrath Ferry (★★★★): The ride to the Cape is an adventure. On the boat across the Kyle of Durness, I saw seals, seabirds, and a beautiful coastline.

Durness (★★★★): A charming village south of Cape Wrath. Sango Bay and Smoo Cave are great for exploring. The Balnakeil Craft Village had charming artisan shops.

Sandwood Bay is a gem in the Scottish wilderness. The walk through moorland, ending in pristine sands, felt like a pilgrimage to nature's beauty. The beach was serene.

Cape Wrath is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, with seabirds along the coastline and the possibility of spotting deer in the moorlands. Seeing dolphins and whales at sea was a thrilling surprise.

Cape Wrath Trail (★★★★★): A challenging trail for avid hikers. The trek offers a close connection with Scotland's remote landscapes, from mountains to lochs.

Eriboll (★★★★): A calm and sheltered harbour amidst wild surroundings. The views were calming, with a strong sense of history.

Starry Nights (★★★★★): Cape Wrath's dark skies were perfect for stargazing. Clear night, stars and Northern Lights were magical.

Cape Wrath is an isolated and rugged destination for the adventurous. Planning a visit here requires checking ferry schedules and weather conditions. Guided tours are recommended for safety and education.

Cape Wrath is a wild and enchanting place to connect with nature in its purest form. Every nature lover should experience the sense of isolation, rugged beauty, and stunning views of this journey at least once in their lifetime. It's a memorable adventure.
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