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Canvey Heights is a brand-new country park that is currently undergoing construction. Off of Creek Road on Canvey Island is where you'll find it. In order to get to Smallgains Pond, you will need to take the slip road that is located next to Smallgains Hall or Pavilion. There are two enormous gates at the entry, along with a smaller gate on the side that is plainly labelled Park of Canvey Heights in the Countryside. The council does a good job of maintaining it. This is a really nice area to...

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Canvey Island Leisure Island Fun Park Reviews
Canvey Island Leisure Island Fun Park Reviews

Canvey Island Leisure Fun Park Reviews

On the seafront on Canvey is Leisure Island Fun Park. The park offers hours of fun at an unbelievable price and is appropriate for children ages 18 months to 9 years.

The park takes pride in going above and beyond for its visitors. Depending on the season and weather, Leisure Island Fun Park has different hours of operation.
The universe of Leisure Island Fun Park was created especially for the youngest adventure seekers (ages 18 months to 9 years). The park is a lovely location to come in the summer on the stunning Canvey seafront. beloved by parents. The mini-coasters and other amusements at Leisure Island Fun Park were designed specifically for small children. This implies that the majority of amusement rides can be enjoyed alone by your small children. A wonderful day for the family shouldn't have to break the bank! Because of this, Leisure Island Fun Park offers reasonably priced wristbands that include all-day activities and give kids unlimited rides while giving adults complimentary rides. Thirteen rides in The Parks are accessible with a wristband, and there are many additional pay-as-you-go attractions.


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Great value for the kids
 · 1 month ago  ·  Leisure Island Fun Park
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When we went there for the first time yesterday, the children had a wonderful time. Even though we were only able to get into the park around the park's closing hour, we were still able to enjoy quite a few rides before we were forced to depart.
The cost of the wristband for the day's worth of rides was seven pounds sterling. Because of our late arrival, we were only able to spend a short amount of time there, but it seems like it would have been well worth it to stay for the whole day.
The staff members are kind and more than happy to assist children in boarding and exiting the rides.
There was hardly nobody waiting in line, which was wonderful because waiting in line for hours in scorching heat with young children is one of the most stressful things that can happen.
Because the rides are not large enough for an adult to accompany each of our children on every one of them, we did not have to wait in line three times for each ride in order to offer each of our children a turn on the ride with an adult.
If you want to enjoy the attractions on the other side of the park, you'll need to purchase a second wristband for that part of the park as well. This is my one tiny gripe about the park, and it's not even that big of a deal. This was not made abundantly obvious to us before to our arrival, so when we got there, we were forced to inquire about it.

It would be nice if wristbands were decreased slightly closer to the time when the venue closed, but even at the price of £7 each, they are a good deal when compared to other locations that charge much more.

The amusement park is perfect for our children, all of whom are under the age of ten, as there are just the right number of rides for them to enjoy.

We are already making preparations to go back, and this time we will get there early so that we can give them the entire day.

Fantastically low-cost outing, particularly for those with larger families.
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