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Abhainn Dearg The first legal distillery in the Outer Hebrides. Visitors to the Abhainn Dearg Distillery will enjoy the hospitality available on the Isle of Lewis whilst exploring the attractions available and the history of Abhainn Dearg Distillery with the bulk of the barrels used at Abhainn Dearg are American Oak having been used for Bourbon prior to export to the UK.Legal restrictions state Bourbon barrels can be used only once and then discarded, so they are in plentiful...

Butt of Lewis Accommodation - Hospitality Property For Sale Or Rent
Butt of Lewis Accommodation - Hospitality Property For Sale Or Rent

Butt of Lewis Accommodation - Hospitality Property Sales and Rentals

Butt of Lewis Holiday Accommodation - Hospitality Property For Sale Or Rent - Book Direct With Owners

Butt of Lewis at the extreme north tip of Liawis and thus the most northerly point on the ‘Long Island‘, and some 30 miles from Stornoway has its important lighthouse crowning the rocky promontory.

On the road from Barvas there are several small villages, with good hotels at Borve and Cross, but the nearest substantial habitation to the Butt is the attractive Port or Ness just down to the south east. To the south of the Butt is the tiny and oddly named village of Europie (said to be an amalgam of Norse and Gaelic) and the ancient church dedicated to the 6th century St Moluag ( the present 12th century building, also known as the Teampull Mhor, belongs to the Scottish Episcopal Church and was handsomely restored and re roofed by them.

Services are held there, but during the week visitors may obtain the key from a shop in Europie. The Prayer Book which David Living stone carried on all his travels was gifted to the church at Teampull Mhor, but it is now in safe keeping in St Peter’s Episcopal Church at Stornoway. The strange island of Luchubran, south west of the Butt, was traditionally supposed to have been inhabited by pygmies, but scientific examination showed that the small bones found there were not those of small men, as had been supposed, but of animals consumed by an early Christian anchorite.


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Discover Butt of Lewis

  • Butt of Lewis Geolocation Latitude 58.5167° N Longitude -6.2667° W
  • Butt of Lewis Postcode HS6
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This is just one of the many places in the Hebrides chosen in antiquity by hermits escaping from man and seeking communion with God.

The Butt of Lewis, more commonly known to simply as "the Butt," is located in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland and is the point on the Isle of Lewis that is the most northerly. Those who are travelling through Lewis and Harris should make a point to stop at this desolate and craggy headland on their journey. The following is a list of things that can be found at the Butt of Lewis:

The stunning and rugged coastline terrain of the Butt of Lewis has earned it a reputation as one of the most beautiful places in the world. The views of the North Atlantic Ocean are spectacular, and the cliffs that rise sharply from the water below are stunning. The view is especially breathtaking when there is a storm and the waves are crashing against the rocks.

Lighthouse The Butt of Lewis is home to a lighthouse that was constructed in the 1860s and is known as the Butt of Lewis Lighthouse. On the brink of the cliffs, the lighthouse acts as a sentinel and serves as an emblematic representation of the surrounding environment. You are usually allowed to visit the grounds surrounding the lighthouse, but you should inquire about opening hours and accessibility in advance.

Those interested in birdwatching will find the region surrounding the Butt of Lewis to be a paradise. There are many different kinds of seabirds that can be seen here, such as guillemots, razorbills, gannets, and puffins. Because the cliffs offer these birds a place to nest, this is an excellent location for those interested in birding.

hikes Along the shore The Butt of Lewis is a fantastic location for hikes along the shore. You are free to go around the headland and take in the breathtaking scenery. Be wary while you are in the vicinity of the cliffs because they can be fairly precipitous and the weather can change quickly.

Historical Sites: The region contains ruins of brochs that date back to the Iron Age, in addition to other historical sites. Spend some time investigating the area and educating yourself about the past inhabitants and inhabitants of the headland.

Photography is a wonderful hobby, and the Butt of Lewis provides a wealth of options for photographers. The unusual flora and fauna, along with the rocky cliffs and roaring waves, make for fantastic photographic subjects.

Sunsets are some of the most breathtaking sights to be seen at the Butt of Lewis. A truly enchanted moment occurs as one witnesses the sun sinking below the horizon over the Atlantic Ocean. It is the ideal setting for an evening picnic or for simply unwinding and taking in the surrounding natural splendour.

Wildlife: Along the coastline, in addition to the opportunity to view birds, you may also see seals. Be on the lookout for these marine creatures as they laze on the rocks or swim in the water.

It is important to bear in mind that the Butt of Lewis is located in a relatively isolated area, thus the weather there might be quite unpredictable when you go there. Dress accordingly and have a plan in place in case the weather suddenly changes. It is well worth the effort to make your way to this stunning headland; doing so will be one of the most memorable aspects of your trip to the Outer Hebrides.

StayING in and Around Butt of Lewis

Staying in and around the Butt of Lewis provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to enjoy the wild beauty of the Isle of Lewis's most northernmost point. Even while there may not be many options for lodging in this far-flung region, you should have no trouble finding a spot to rest your head within a short distance of the Butt of Lewis. Here are some suggestions to checkout on stay4you

Places to Stay in the Neighbourhood:

Stornoway is the major town on the Isle of Lewis and has a wide selection of places to stay, such as hotels, guesthouses, and even self-catering alternatives. The Butt of Lewis is around a thirty to forty minute drive away from here.
Cottages that are Self-Catering:

You might want to look into renting a cottage in the region that provides its own meals. You will be able to fully submerge yourself in the natural environment when staying in one of these quaint cottages, which offer a comfortable and private housing alternative.
The Keeper's Cottage of the Lighthouse:

Camping spots:

On the Isle of Lewis, there are a few campgrounds available for those who would rather pitch a tent. Be sure to check the amenities and the availability of the location in advance.
Local Bed and Breakfasts and Guesthouses:

Discover the guesthouses and bed-and-breakfasts that are located in the neighbouring coastal areas and communities. These typically offer a more intimate and authentic sense of the local culture.
Making an Advance Reservation:

Due to the location's relative isolation, it is recommended that you make your lodging reservations as far in advance as possible, particularly during the peak travel season.
Activities Outside: If you stay in this region, you'll be able to take part in a variety of activities outside, including walks along the coast, viewing birds, and taking pictures. You won't have to go far to experience the wild allure of the Butt of Lewis.

Local Dining: Although there may not be many dining options right at the Butt of Lewis, you can find traditional Scottish cuisine at a number of local diners and restaurants in the towns and villages that are in the immediate area.

Preparation for the Weather It is important to keep in mind that the weather in this region of the world may be unpredictable, so make sure you pack appropriately for outdoor activities, including clothing and equipment that are waterproof.

Sunset and sunrise: The breathtaking sunsets and sunrises that can be seen from this distant area shouldn't be missed. The scene of the sun setting over the ocean in the north is very breathtaking to behold.

The natural splendour and peaceful atmosphere of this lonely nook of the Isle of Lewis can be fully appreciated by those who choose to make their home in the Butt of Lewis or the surrounding area. Those who are looking for a place to find peace and quiet in the middle of wild surroundings will find that this location is ideal.

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