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Village Smithy St Margaret's Hope Hospitality Accommodation

Village Smithy St Margaret's 

The primary feature at the museum in the little village of St. Margaret's Hope is a rehabilitated blacksmith's smiddy that has been given a new lease of life as a museum.
The Smiddy Museum can be found in St. Margaret's Hope on South Ronaldsay. This building was formerly used as the community's blacksmith shop, and it now houses an impressive collection of artefacts and tools that were utilised by the blacksmith who worked there in the past. There are horse harnesses hooked up on the walls, and there are other equipment positioned about on the floor.
The documents and photographs record the life and events of past life's on the island on a day-to-day basis as well as other intriguing artefacts that can be utilised for genealogical and historical research are complementary to the blacksmith's tools.

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great little museum worth viaiting
 · 10 months ago  ·  The Smiddy Museum & Archive
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One structure houses two museums. This location features genuine pieces of blacksmithing equipment as well as historical artefacts dating back to an era when every community had its very own forge. Photos and background information on fascinating activities that take place in the neighbourhood, such as the Boys Ploughing Match. Deserves at the very least a brief pit stop. The value of having a local show you around and explain everything to you cannot be overstated. He was a small boy when he began frequenting the shop. Make sure you are aware of when they will begin taking customers to avoid being dissatisfied later.🤣
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