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Orkney Area Attractions

Unstan Cairn Visitors Information and Accommodation Guide for visitors to Orkney. Lying about two miles north east of Stromness, on arrival park in front of the house. The key hangs in a box at the back door. The cairn on the edge of the Loch of Stenness contains an excellent example of a communal chambered tomb typical of Stone Age times.    The main chamber is divided by upright slabs into compartments. The pottery found here gave rise to the name Unstan ware which dates from the...


Scapa Distillery Visitor Information Guide

Scapa distillery is on Orkney on the shore of Scapa Flow near the town of Kirkwall. It is the second most northern whisky distillery in Scotland, half a mile south of the Highland Park Distillery.

Once boasting the longest fermentation time in the industry at 120 hours. Scapa's fruitiness remains prominent in the wash, and is further refined by distillation in a Lomond-style still.

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  • Scapa Distillery Postcode KW15 1SE
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These stills were designed in the late 1950s in an attempt to create multiple different flavours from a single pot. The barrel-like necks contained moveable copper baffle plates which could be manipulated to create different levels of reflux.

Today the plates have been removed, but the amount of copper in the necks is still massive. A purifier pipe increases reflux even further, and adds its usual oiliness.

The result is a character that is enhanced by maturation in American oak and refill casks.

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