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Ruthven Barracks Visitors Attractions and Reviews
Ruthven Barracks Visitors Attractions and Reviews

Ruthven Barracks Visitors Attractions and Reviews

This place has to be visited if you're in the area, you can walk easily from Kingussie, a highly evocative and very photogenic site, The barracks saw action twice in it's history. Built by George II’s government in the early 1700s after the failed Jacobite uprising of 1715.

Surrounded by wonderful views, the Barracks played an important role in Scottish history and stands proudly on a steep rise, walking through the ruins to get a feel for the size and grandeur of the barracks.

Well worth a visit great history of how soldiers lived and ate great views and vantage point, all adds up in to the picture of the struggle between the Scots and English, The Signage tells some of the story.

The troops stationed here were to maintain law and order and enforce the Disarming Act of 1716. In 1745 a 300-strong Jacobite attack failed to take the barracks, but the next year a more heavily-armed attack forced the barracks’ surrender.

On 16 April 1746 the last battle to be fought on British soil took less than an hour to reach its bloody conclusion, on what is now know as Culloden Moor. After the Battle of Culloden as many as 3,000 Jacobite s assembled at Ruthven Barracks with the intention of fighting on.

Awaiting them was a message from "Bonnie Prince Charlie"

"The Young Pretender" saying that each man should save himself the best he could, the Jacobite s then set fire to the barracks, and dispersed to try to evade a Government, now set on finally suppressing the Jacobite s, and the Highlands, once and for all.

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