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Orkney Area Attractions

Unstan Cairn Visitors Information and Accommodation Guide for visitors to Orkney. Lying about two miles north east of Stromness, on arrival park in front of the house. The key hangs in a box at the back door. The cairn on the edge of the Loch of Stenness contains an excellent example of a communal chambered tomb typical of Stone Age times.    The main chamber is divided by upright slabs into compartments. The pottery found here gave rise to the name Unstan ware which dates from the...

Ring of Brodgar
Ring of Brodgar

Ring of Brodgar Orkney Guide

Ring of Brodgar Orkney, On Mainland, the largest of the Orkney Islands in Scotland, you'll find the Neolithic henge and stone circle known as the Ring of Brodgar. It is a section of the Heart of Neolithic Orkney World Heritage Site, which is recognised by UNESCO.

27 of the original 60 stones are still there, and they're protected from the elements by a ditch and a natural amphitheatre of surrounding hills. It has been suggested that the ring was constructed for the purpose of astronomical observation of the equinox and solstice, while others maintain that it served as a religious shrine and perhaps as a place of ritual. Truthfully, we don't know for sure, which simply adds to the mystery.

The nearby Comet Stone acts as a sentinel, while the Standing Stones of Stenness, located about a mile away, are powerfully enchanted. It is one of the oldest stone circles in Britain, with four megaliths measuring six metres in height and dating back to 3100 BC. Barnhouse settlement, located nearby, has a cluster of houses dating back to 3300-2600 BC, as shown by excavations.

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