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Loch Laggan Dam Visitor Information Guide

Loch Laggan Dam at Latheron, the road to Thurso branches across the moors a considerable length of the way was laid in a single day in the late 18th cent. in an exercise planned with almost military precision by Sir John Sinclair, utilizing every available man, beast and stone.

The old church in Latheron is down in the slope towards the sea and on a high ridge above the village the bell-tower was built to call the faithful of the parish, the largest in the District, stretching from Bruan to the Ord to worship.

In 1975 a disused church, presented by the Church of Scotland was dedicated as the new headquarters of the Clan Gunn Society. to house the museum library and meeting place and the Clan Commander was presented with a flag by the clan's United States division.

The whole area around Latheron is rich in antiquarian remains, brochs, galleried dwellings, hut-circles and standing-stones, in a variety of states of preservation, but the majority have been robbed of stones for building later houses.

About one mile north north east of Latheron is the oldest of several ruins excavated at 'The Wag' at Forse is a homestead which might date from the earliest Iron Age. This has recently been declared a Conservation Area in view of its historical intrest.

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