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Gordonstoun visitor information guide and Accommodation

Gordonstoun visitor information guide and Accommodation. Gordonstoun the famous school founded by Kurt Hahn in 1934 and attended by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, before he joined the Royal Navy, and subsequently by his sons Charles, Prince of Wales and Prince Andrew lies 2.5 miles west of Lossiemouth in its 300 acre estate.

The mansion house of Gordonstoun occupied the site of a medieval fortalice the estate being known in the early days as the ‘Bog of Plevvlands‘ It was renamed when acquired by Sir Robert Gordon, who remodelled the old house to give it a symmetrical frontage to the south but the west wing represents the l5th century tower house, and parts of the l6th century wing are incorporated in the central block; the classical north front was added about 1730 Just west of the main building is the well known ‘Round Square, a circular steading (farmstead) now converted as a collegiate court yard.

This was built by the notorious ‘Warlock Laird’ or ‘Wizard’, Sir Robert Gordon, the 3rd Baronet at the end of the 17th cent.

The circle is said to be of magic proportions to protect the Laird from the Devil, to whom he had sold his soul. ‘Here,’ said the Laird, ‘the Devil can never catch me in a corner.

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  • Gordonstoun Latitude: 57.7033° N Longitude: 3.3702° W
  • Gordonstoun Postcode IV30
  • Gordonstoun WOEID 56848142
  • Gordonstoun Weather
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