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Glen Shiel is a glen in the Northwest Highlands of Scotland. The glen runs approximately 9 miles from south-east to north-west end of Loch Cluanie to the head of Loch Duich at Shiel bridge, Here you can find the Five Sisters of Kintail one of the tails are that The five sisters were originally seven, but two brothers sailed into Loch Duich from a foreign land and were smitten by the youngest two sisters. Their father refused to allow them to marry until their older sisters were all first betrothed, but relented when the sailors swore they had five eligible elder brothers of their own who would be delighted to marry them. The two brothers sailed off with their new brides, never to be seen again.

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The five remaining sisters waited and waited until they turned into stone, their feet in the rivers and heads in the clouds, there to wait in Kintail for ever for their non existent husbands. Opposite it is the South Glen Shiel Ridge - no less fine and yielding seven Munros in a day for the keen bagger. These are joined by the magnificent Saddle, one of the finest mountains in all Scotland, East of Glen Shiel the mountains around Loch Cluanie give equally fine walking; whilst at the foot of the Glen is the village of Dornie with famous Eilean Donan Castle.

The Falls of Glomach near here are probably the most dramatic waterfalls in Britain. Glen Shiel which is steeped in Jacobite history, Near to the township of Achnangart is a boulder where bonnie prince Charlie sheltered in 1746, in the heart of the glen at the bridge of Shiel which spans the river Shiel is the site of the battle of Glen Shiel in june1719 between 1,500 Jacobites and 1,600 Hanoverians, Chief of the Camerons. Determined to restore a Stuart king to the British throne, had expected considerable support from Spain, they landed by frigate in Loch Duich but Because of poor planning and bad leadership, 274 Spaniards who had supported the Jacobites in this battle surrendered the next day, One of the five sisters Sgurr Nan Spainteach being 3,129 feet takes its name from this incident, it was said that some of the arms d discarded by the Jacobites were recovered from the deep pool here throughout the 19th century. Dr Johnson and Boswell traversed the glen on horse back in 1773.

The South Glen Shiel ridge is one of the finest mountain ranges in Scotland. a munro baggers delight with 7 munros and numerous tops to be climbed in long single outing, you can look forward to miles of high walking on narrow ridge with grassy slopes dropping away on the south and cliffs sweeping into the Glen on the northern side, there is a varied range of peaks stretching for 13km in one continuous, well-defined chain.

The drops between the peaks are not great and only once does the ridge fall below 800m, On a clear day the views are superb all the way along the ridge. This area offers varied walking with villages such as Plockton as well as the region's main town at Kyle of Lochalsh. Across the dramatic Mam Ratagan pass is the remote and secluded Glenelg peninsula, a tranquil and peaceful haven far from busy routes. Kyle of Lochalsh, the land of castles, hills and lochs, is a gateway to the Isle of Skye and the wonderful north west coast, the village is en route to or from Skye from where the Skye Bridge traverses Inner Sound to Kyleakin.

The picturesque village of Plockton is nearby, located on the sheltered bay of Loch Carron, it has Scotland’s highest waterfall.

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