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Foulis Castle Visitor Information Guide

Foulis Castle, the Castle can be found about two miles from Everton it was the seat of the clan Munro it has been held by the Munros since the 12th century. The Munro clan fought at Bannock-burn, Halidon hill, Harlaw, Pinkie,Fontenoy and Falkirk. Robert Munro known as the Black Baron served under Gustavus of Sweden he died of his wounds in 1633.

The original castle was destroyed by a fire the present building dates from the 1700, the clan chief at the time had spent a lot of time in Holland in his younger days adding a more European style to the property, Little has changed since, Foulis remains externally much as it was when it was first built. Internally alterations have been made by succeeding generations adding individual styles and character to this interesting old building, you can only visit the property by making an appointment at least 3 weeks in advance.

There is no charge for your visit but a donation put in the Clan Munro Association box will help to go to the castle restoration found.

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