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Dunure Castle Holiday Accommodation
Dunure Castle Holiday Accommodation

Dunure Castle Holiday Accommodation Guide

Dunure Castle Holiday Accommodation Guide, The Castle is to be found situated on the west coast of Scotland, approximately eight kilometres south of Ayr and close to the town of Dunure. The crumbling castle can be found at this point perched atop a rocky outcrop on the coast of Carrick, with a view of the port of Dunure.
Dunure was the first place that the Kennedy family, who were once the lords of Carrick and later became the Earls of Cassillis, called home. The original castle on this site, which is situated on the brink of the cliffs, was built some time before the 13th century; however, the structure that is now in ruins was not finished being built until the 14th century. Discover the castle and surrounding accommodation with stay4you.com

In the county of Carrick, the town of Dunure served as one of the most reliable bastions of support for the Kennedy party. According to the legends that have been passed down through the Kennedy family for generations, the Norse were soundly defeated at the Battle of Largs in 1263, and soon after, the Kennedys invaded Norway and took Dunure from the Norwegians. The legitimacy of John de Kennedy's claim to lands at Dunure was established in the year 1357, making him the first member of the Kennedy family to be mentioned in documented history in connection with the locality.

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There is an extremely limited amount of information regarding the history of the castle during the 14th and 15th centuries. It appears to have started out as a single defensive tower and progressively grown into a gated compound replete with a hall house and watch tower over the course of time. The existing defended clifftop location of the fort was later strengthened by the construction of a chapel, a south range, a six-story keep, and additional exterior defences.

At the year 1429, John Mhor Macdonald, representing the Lords of the Isles, and James Campbell, representing King James I, met in Dunure to attempt to reconcile their differences and find a solution. During the course of the discussion, violence broke out, which ultimately resulted in Macdonald's death.

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