Caithness Area Attractions

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You can visit the display in Thurso in addition to the viewpoint at Dounreay, which is located above the decommissioned power station. From the main road, follow the signs for the visitor centre to find these buildings, which have, without a shadow of a doubt, become an indelible feature of this shoreline over the course of many years. Take an immediate right after turning into the Dounreay facility, and you will find yourself in a parking lot with a view of the power station, which is in the...

Caithness Area Attractions

Dunnet Head Hospitlaity Accommodation

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Dunnet Head
Dunnet Head

Dunnet Head Hospitlaity Accommodation

Dunnet Head (Peninsula) in Caithness

Dunnet itself runs along the line of the A836 coast road, but then extends north west in a highly scattered pattern of houses and cottages interspersed with meadows full of flowers, the B855 will take you to Dunnet Head, a headland quite high there’s a bit of a climb towards the end where there’s a car park by the lighthouse from here it is a short walk to a rugged peninsula.

The sharp dramatic cliffs are home to a Stevenson Lighthouse which is now electrified, it protects the sailors of the often treacherous Pentland Firth.

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The village of Dunnet stands close to the north east corner of Dunnet Bay, to the south is nearly two miles of beautiful sandy beach backed by magnificent dunes, forming the eastern end of the bay, to the north of Dunnet the land gently rises to form Dunnet Head, the most northerly point on mainland Britain whose cliffs fall 300ft sheer into the Pentland Firth, at its maximum the headland extent about 3 miles from north to south and 2 miles from east to west, with peat bogs and vast areas of heather that can be seen on the way out to the cliffs, on a clear day the northern end commands some of the most extensive views you are likely to find anywhere in northern Scotland, over to Orkney, this is a wild and untamed landscape, some days raining with a howling wind coming of the sea, with an arctic bite.

Here you will find stunning sea cliffs and coastal grasslands, birds by the thousands nest here early in the summer, home to puffins, razorbills, guillemots, fulmars and kittiwakes.

Few people know the vital part this area played in World War 2, as communications bases. Rangers are based here in summer.

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Great area for Puffins
 · 2 months ago  ·  Dunnet Head
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Because it had captured our attention, we chose to investigate it further. The road to the parking lot that requires payment and displays is convoluted and lengthy. Accessible parking and ramps are located beyond the main lot for those who need them.
If you wish to see puffins and other types of seabirds, you should bring a camera and binoculars with you. My trip was made memorable by the puffins that we were able to observe.
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