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Glenlivet Banffshire This glen, which has Won World renown from the whisky associated with it, is in the north Grampians to the north east of Tomintoul. The Livet Water flows north from the Ladder Hills to join the river Avon. The first of five distilleries was founded in 1824, when the Distillery Act put an end to over 200 illicit stills in the district. Some 4 miles east of the village is the scene of the Battle of Glenlivet, Where on 4 October 1594 the Protestant Army, loyal to King James...

Culbin Sands Holiday Vacation Accommodation
Culbin Sands Holiday Vacation Accommodation

Culbin Sands Holiday Vacation Accommodation

Find your Culbin holiday vacation accommodation with stay4you direct bookings and discover Culbin which is located in Moray once known as the ‘Scottish Sahara’. this remarkable place, now the Culbin Forest, used to stretch as a barren sand dune 6 m. long and more than 2 miles wide at the mouth of the River Findhorn, on the Moray and Nairn border.

There is a tradition that on this place there had originally been a fertile estate belonging to the Kinnaird family and that it had been over-whelmed by sand-storms in the autumn of 1694.

The process may have been more gradual than tradition so dramatically asserts; but there is no doubt that a now buried barony did exist here, and that it was not so much obliterated as hidden from sight by the mysterious element of sand: ample evidence of this is provided by shifting sands over the centuries.

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Much of such evidence is reliable, It is said that. from the movement of sand, the spire of the old church Brierly appeared to point heaven wards, only to disappear again under another soft and silent assault of sand.

Protection against the sand before the 1690s had been offered by marram grass, the grass became popular for thatching in the neighbour hood, it was used so much that the result was no grass to protect the sand from moving.

 In the year of l695, the Scottish Parliament passed an act forbidding the use of marram grass for thatching.

 As early as 1744. landowners tried to reclaim and plant the land of Culbin,but failed. This continued until l922. when the Forestry Commission took over the place.

There's a fascinating network of tracks to explore and the level ground makes it easy. Hill 99 is the only waymarked trail, but you can use the Culbin map and numbered posts at path junctions to explore this unique, diverse and ever-changing coastal forest.

Don't miss the panoramic views from the top of the amazing Hill 99 tower.

 Stretching from just east of the town of Nairn eastwards to the village of Findhorn and its bay.

All of the areas are very important for wildlife in general and are strongly protected by law.

The Culbin Sands are known in Gaelic as Bar Inbhir Èireann.

 When on holiday in Scotland there is a perfect opportunity to relax in some of the most spectacular scenery offering all types of accommodation from Bed and Breakfast, hotels, self catering, holiday rentals caravans, pods, A frames, caravan parks, camping, camper-van sites, Castles, lodges, bothy, to suite all budgets

With an abundance of culture, fantastic heritage, Food and drink, stunning cities and a wealth of activities to suit all ages and interests, you will find more than enough to entertain all kinds of holiday makers.

So, whether you’re on two feet or two paws, a holiday around Nairn and Findhorn is guaranteed to have something to offer so start your search for Culbin holiday vacation accommodation booking direct with owners.

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