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Skara Brae a celebrated archaeological site on Mainland , near the B9056. It is a 4000- year-old Neolithic village completely buried under sand for nearly two millennia until a violent storm uncovered its existence in 1850. It is a remarkable settlement with much of its original 'furnishings' remaining intact: stone bed frames, shellfish tanks, hearths and primitive furniture all fashioned from stone. Some 10 houses and a workshop comprise this prehistoric village which is easily the...

Churchill Barriers Sign
Churchill Barriers Sign

Churchill Barriers Scapa Flow Visitor Guide

Churchill Barriers The consisting of thousands of large concrete blocks. were built on the orders of Winston Churchill early in the Second World War by Italian prisoners of war. shortly after HMS Royal Oak had been sunk by a German L7-boat in the great naval anchorage of Scapa Flow.

  • Scapa Flow Latitude Geolocation 58.9000° N Longitude -3.0500° W
  • Scapa Flow Postcode KW16
  • Scapa Flow WOEID 34155
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These impregnable defences linked the mainland through the tiny islands of Glims Holm and Lamb Holm with Burray and South Ronaldsay, and shortly after the war a road was constructed on top of them giving easy access from the mainland to the southernmost point in the archipelago at Burwick, near Brough Ness. On Lamb Holm there is the remarkable little Italian Chapel built by the same prisoners of war out of waste materials inside a nissen hut. The interior is extremely beautiful and contains some remarkable freehand painting. The chapel has been carefully preserved and is well worth a visit.

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