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Arundel Castle Reviews and Accomodation Guide
Arundel Castle Reviews and Accomodation Guide

Arundel Castle Reviews and Accomodation Guide

Discover the past of Arundel Castle by reading about its Norman Keep, Medieval Gatehouse, and Barbican, all of which are still intact. Between the years 1870 and 1890, practically the entire mansion was torn down and rebuilt, and its outstanding Gothic architecture is now considered to be one of the most impressive examples of Victorian England's artistic output. Find out from our knowledgeable guides about the exquisitely maintained interior of the building, which has a rare collection of paintings by notable artists such as Van Dyck, Gainsborough, and Canaletto. The building also features furniture and tapestries. Take some time to appreciate the stunning flora by going for a relaxing stroll around the grounds. Join us in our historical reenactments and cheer on your favourite knight while you learn about the era's culture and history.
People have the opportunity to look forward to a variety of fascinating events throughout the year, such as Festivals of the Middle Ages, History Days, History Characters, and a Festival of History.

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In the month of April, the gardens and grounds of the Castle transform into the picture-perfect setting for one of the most impressive tulip displays in the country. At our spring and summer Plant Fairs, you'll find specialised nurseries presenting a large selection of plants and providing excellent advise. These nurseries will also be available to answer any questions you may have.

Alternately, you may visit during the month of July to take part in the International Medieval Jousting Tournament and the enormous mediaeval encampment that goes along with it. During the month of August, you will be able to enjoy Shakespeare in the gardens of the castle. This magnificent castle, which is found on a hill in West Sussex, controls the surrounding area as a result of its vantage point, which looks out over the South Downs and the River Arun.

From the time it was built at the end of the 11th century until the present day, the residence of the Dukes of Norfolk and their ancestors.

In the historically significant Castle Servants' Hall may be found both the Castle Restaurant, which is a licenced business with counter service, and the Castle Coffee Shop, which is a coffee and snack bar.

At this festival, regardless of the weather, there is plenty for everyone to enjoy, including tense fights, live music, stunning works of art, educational exhibits, historical reenactors, and tent cities with food and artisan demonstrations.

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