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    Football ground
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    Pellet Stove
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    Covered Patio
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    Open Deck
    RV Parking
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    Central Air
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Public House

Advertise Your Business for Sale Free Professionally with Stay4You

Advertise Your Business for Sale Free Professionally with Stay4You

With reference to hospitality properties you would like to offer for sale or rent we are able to list the following Hotels, Inns, Restaurants, Bed & Breakfast, Guest Houses, Camp Sites & Self Catering establishments, if your property falls into an area which is not mentioned please contact as we may be able to add the type of establishment you wish to market.

  • What's the deal

What's the deal with stay4you giving me a basic listing at no cost and why are they giving me a free basic listing if stay4you is such a terrific service?' Owners of hotels and B&Bs are often required to pay hefty fees to publicise their establishments for sale, so they are often perplexed to discover what seems like a terrific service is actually supplied at no cost.

Even though the vast majority of people want to help you find your next home, there will always be a small number of con artists who want to try and trick you into giving up some of your personal details or parting with money. Despite our best efforts, there will always be people like this out there.

  • Why choose stay4you

We founded stay4you in the year 2020, and today we have a strong presence in the specialised market that we serve. In addition to paid advertisements, you can find us on Google, Bing, and all other search engines. We now have good rankings on a wide variety of search engines, including first-page positions for keywords covering a wide variety of hospitality-related topics.

  • No buyers fees

We do not charge any fees to purchasers or sellers in any way, unlike other websites that restrict access to fresh advertisements to only buyers who have paid for the privilege. This is very significant since it is of little benefit to a seller if they receive a free service but their potential buyer is hindered by restrictive costs. A seller does not want anything to go in the way of a potential sale because they do not want to lose business.

  • Our Service

When we first started out, we had one goal in mind, and that was to become the most successful company in our industry. We were aware that one of the reasons why high-quality free internet services such as Google and Facebook had experienced such phenomenal growth is because they provided a fantastic service at no cost and with no obligations.
Our trade secret is that we are willing to deliver a superior service absolutely free of charge, which is something that almost none of our competitors are willing to do. This is our competitive advantage.
Our service is intended to provide the hospitality industry with a comprehensive offering of services, beginning with the purchase and continuing through general online administration, the discovery of bookings for owners, and day-to-day online management.

  • How does stay4you offer a free service

Premium advertisements are available through our site, for which we do charge a nominal price. It is our objective to always provide a standard advertisement at no cost to the customer. You are free to decide whether or not you want to upgrade to premium, which comes with a number of benefits, one of which is a higher rating for highlighted properties.

Owners advertise your Hospitality Holiday Accommodation business property for sale or rent free.

Add Property for sale or rent. Once registered log in and then select Get Started to add your property. At stay4you we can advertise to more potential purchasers wanting to buy your property from all over the world, We have professional and friendly staff offering knowledge and experience in this area, you tell us your requirements and we can do the rest. 

 Manage your property listing through our extranet.

List your property FREE. You can add any type of hospitality property so start advertising your Hotel, Guest House, Bed and Breakfast, Pub or Inn and many more property types for FREE.

We offer a full service to manage the sale of your property online.

Sell your property for the price you know it is worth

Don't allow your property to be under valued by agencies offering quick sales only to regret it in the future.

Selling a Business Free

  1. We offer free help with your business property add
  2. Bookings for your property
  3. Display your property with information and images.
  4. Add your contact details.
  5. Update your listing 24/7
  6. Display Your Price
  7. Register as Agents, Owners, Sellers, Builder, Realtor etc.
  8. Use the most popular location structure: Countries, Counties, Cities & More
  9. Search tools like Map & Radius Search
  10. Multilingual

No Hidden Fees No Extra Costs Some of the Features  available Your Free Listing Select Bookings Commission Select Listing Subscription Channel Manager   Free For First 6 Months  Only 5% per Booking (No Booking No Charge)  Only £10.00 Per Four...

After Registration Simply Log In Add or maintain your listing  

Register For An Account Whether your an owner agent or developer register to start adding your property or properties!  Registration is simple and free.

Continue to operate your hospitality business

We frequently see people who have taken the decision to sell their hospitality business for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they are getting ready to retire, wish to focus on other business interests, or simply wish to try something new. The problem is that it is possible for them to have already begun "winding down" the business prior to making the choice to sell it before they realised they needed to sell it. Because a busy hospitality firm typically requires the assistance of all available employees, occupancy rates begin to fall, and revenues begin to fall along with them. Because a buyer is not going to pay for the profit that you are not earning, I cannot stress the necessity of concentrating on the business right up until the time that the sale goes through enough.

Nobody should be unable to be replaced.

The majority of purchasers want to be assured that at least for the first few months after the sale, there will be some degree of continuity in the way the hospitality accommodation is managed. If there is an existing management team that is capable of running the hotel etc without the present owners input, then the buyer will have more trust in the owners selling the company and moving on. Although there are people in place to whom responsibilities can be passed over, this is done too late in the day, and as a result, the buyer considers it necessary for a longer hand-over period from the sellers. Often, we find that the sellers don't give any real consideration to this, and although there are people in place to whom responsibilities can be passed over, this is done too late in the day. Making yourself "disposable" is the key to success in this endeavour; the less the company and the secondary management team rely on you, the better off they will be.

Types Of Business You Can Sell

  • Hotels: Traditional accommodations with various room options, amenities, and services.
  • Resorts: Facilities that offer a range of amenities, such as pools, spas, restaurants, and activities.
  • Vacation Rentals: Privately owned properties available for short-term rentals, including apartments, houses, or villas.
  • Bed and Breakfast (B&B): Small lodging establishments that provide breakfast along with accommodation.
  • Hostels: Budget-friendly accommodations with shared rooms or dormitory-style options.
  • Campgrounds: Outdoor areas with designated spaces for setting up tents or parking recreational vehicles.
  • Cottages: Quaint, cozy, and often self-contained accommodations, typically located in rural or scenic areas.
  • Apartments: Self-contained units within larger residential buildings, offering more space and privacy.
  • Guesthouses: Smaller accommodations run by locals, often with a more personal touch and fewer rooms.
  • Cabins: Rustic lodgings often found in natural settings, such as forests or mountains.

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Country Inn for sale near Loch Ness
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